At the western side of the Gulf of Thailand lies a picturesque village of a worldwide reputation. We are talking for none other than the globally famous Hua Hin. Hua Hin has been blessed with many wonderful assets, including a delicious street food culture, wonderful 5-star resorts, spectacular sunrises, and a stunning beach that has managed to catch the attention of the worldwide travel community.

However, Hua Hin's most popular and beautiful asset is by far its beach. Hua Hin Beach is a 4km-long, white-sand beach, that stretches from the town center of Hua Hin to Khao Takiab. As it's huge, it's difficult to get crowded even on high season. While, locals and visitors alike tend to visit the beach for jogging in the mornings, and casual strolls in the evening.

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Popular Activities to do at Hua Hin Beach

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There are plenty activities to do at Hua Hin Beach, the most obvious of which are swimming and sunbathing. As it's a huge beach, there is plenty space for everyone to sunbathe and relax under the warmth of the sun. There are also great beach bars, offering sunbeds and umbrellas to protect you from the extreme heat.

The waters of Hua Hin are rarely crystal-clear, but they are quite shallow - especially during low tide, and that makes them great for swimming. There are also several spots without any rocks, so they are highly indicated for families. Kindly note that Hua Hin has the peculiarity of extended low and high tides. The difference is about 2m.

Hua Hin Beach is also one of the best places for water sports like kite boarding, jet-skiing, sailing and other fun beach activities. However, it's not indicated for activities like snorkeling, diving, fishing as the waters are rarely clean, and the ocean floor turns to mood.

Beach Facilities & Street Vendors

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There are no shower or bathroom facilities on the beach, however, there are various beach bars which also rent sunbeds and beach umbrellas. There are also street vendors renting deckchairs and beach umbrellas, so all you need is a towel, sun-block and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

There are also street vendors selling refreshments, ice cream, fresh fruits, juices, and all sorts of snacks. There are also vendors offering traditional Thai massage right on the beach! Foodies will fall in love with the vendors selling local Thai delicacies like grilled prawns, fried crabs and other delicious street foods.

The Dangers of Hua Hin Beach

Thankfully, Hua Hin is a relatively safe beach without any sharks lurking in the waters. There are, however, various sights of box jellyfish in the Gulf of Thailand, so be cautious when swimming. Wearing a thin piece of clothing is enough to deal with the jellyfish. Also, pay attention to the beach flags, and when you see yellow or red flags, do not enter the beach as there are strong currents which are quite deadly.