When my partner bought us a trip to Bruges for our anniversary, I must confess I wasn’t impressed. Needless to say, that Paris or Berlin, would definitely seem like a more suitable choice for me, but little did I know that I would end up perfectly in love both with the city and with my partner for giving me such an unexpected gift.

While booking a hotel in Bruges, we had to find one located at the city center but also providing a car parking, since we prefer traveling by car. Luckily enough, we made a reservation on   Number 11 Bed and Breakfast, and may I add that 11 is my lucky number after all.

Vintage aesthetics and decoration resembling the city of Bruges

Bruges is such a medieval city, with canals crossing it and all these amazing old buildings surrounding it. I was so excited when we reached Number 11, since this little guesthouse is a picturesque beauty and in perfect harmony with the city aesthetic. My partner loved how the decoration of the room was reflecting the vintage city center just a few minutes away from our little quiet space. It was as if, the classical beauty of the old city was reflected upon the interiors of the best hotel in the city, and we felt truly aligned with the style of it.

We picked the Vanilla room, spacious, bright and cottage-like, and may I add how I enjoyed taking a bubble bath in the retro bathtub on legs! Definitely, unlocked a long cherished dream there, and shared with my other half. After the moments of relaxation, we enjoyed a drink from the minibar before hitting the city center for a night out, and discover the wonderful restaurants and bars, with a traditional Brussels touch.

Seeking tranquility and serenity

When I travel, especially on a weekend when my work awaits for me on Monday, I really need to make sure that I get enough sleep to maintain my energy levels, spent on walking in an amazing city center, a breath away from the hotel. And Burges is quite a city for walking and wandering around. Coming back to Number 11, right after a walk at the city market square “Grote Markt”, we left all the hustle and bustle outside our door, and had an amazing night sleep on the king size bed, spread with fine linen and cotton.


When we woke up in the morning, refreshed and rested, we were served a traditional breakfast, and had a moment of sun and coffee at the guesthouse vibrant garden. What a wonderful way to start your day! We then took our car from the parking space of the hotel, and drove around the city’s suburbs to get a closer look on what the city has to offer apart from the historical center. Oh the perks of living at a city hotel with a parking lot!

Living out and staying in!

As much as I love getting lost in a city, going around without a map, I am always seeking for recommendations and tips that will help live my experience to the fullest. Thankfully, at Number 11, the staff was more than eager to help. They gave me and my partner all the must places we should visit around the city and also proposed one amazing chocolate boutique. Thankfully, these friendly people, really know their neighborhood, and advised us as true connoisseurs of the city center, where the hotel is located.

On our second day there, we decided to eat in the guesthouse since we had already enjoyed various delicacies around the city for lunch, and truth be told, my feet were killing me from the intense walking. And oh what a choice we made there! Number 11 really makes a mark as a central city hotel when it comes to food! What better choice would we make than enjoy a selection of gourmet dishes and a wonderful wine out of a great selection wine list for our anniversary? Not to mention, that going back “home”, feeling full after our dinner, was as easy as climbing the stairs!

One last moment of bliss.

After all the sightseeing, beer degustation at a famous local brewery, feeding French fries (of course) to my partner, and buying chocolates in gift boxes resembling jewelry -but tasting better than that!- it was about time to drive back home. The friendly hotel staff helped us with our luggage and served us one goodbye coffee on our beloved garden. As I was walking out in the quiet street I was filled with all the beauty of this amazing city, and the moments of feeling “cozy at home” in our favorite vanilla room.

I was feeling absolutely blessed to have spent my anniversary weekend in Bruges. And not only did I get the chance to spend time at the city center, but I was lucky enough to stay at the city’s best hotel. Lucky Number 11! Until the next time, we’ll have the memories!