If you want to see all the best sides of Australia, you must embark on an Aussie round trip. However, not everyone can take a year off and just travel the continent! Those who don’t have that much time and money, here are a few shorter Australian road trips that will satisfy their wanderlust and familiarize them with the Land Down Under.

Great Ocean Road

This is probably one of the best destinations for a road trip in the whole world! Beginning just outside Melbourne and ending in Warrnambool, this road stretches over 250 kilometers and offers breathtaking views of the coast, waterfalls, hiking trails, beaches and cute beachside towns. Pro tip: Don’t rush your road trip to get to the 12 Apostles. This rock formation should come as the icing on the cake, but make sure to take your time and thoroughly enjoy the Great Ocean Road!

Sydney to Melbourne

Many people choose to drive north, from Sydney to Brisbane while they have a much better drive down south. Take an ocean road from Sydney to Melbourne and expect to see some of the most picturesque beach towns, huge national parks and crystal clear lagoons. Some parts of the road also have a strong Aboriginal presence, which is very interesting for all history buffs. Those who care more about wildlife than history must stop at Pebbly Beach full of birds and kangaroos that love to pose for amazing Instagram photos! 

Red Center Way

You simply can’t have a top road trips list without counting in the Red Center Way in Northern Territory. The Outback is what makes Australia so unique and magnificent, so make sure to drive to its heart—Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Aside from these Aboriginal monuments, Red Center road trip will also take you through some amazing landscapes and impressive canyons and gorges and show you all the beauties of the Outback. Just make sure to come prepared—this is not an easy ride, plus you’ll need about a week to complete it! Equip your ride with plenty of supplies and prepare some entertainment. Even the boring night rides will be fun with a quality digital car radio that will turn your car into a real concert hall! So, gather your favorite tunes and blast your radio to celebrate your road trip!

Heritage Highway

Don’t forget about Australia’s most southern state—Tasmania, and have an amazing island road trip on the historic Heritage Highway. This road connects Hobart and Launceston and was created all the way back in the early 1800s by convicts and gangs. It has a not so bright past, but its present is amazing! It will take you through breathtaking Tazzie nature and beautiful little villages full of gourmet food opportunities. 

The Alpine Way

If you want to see some beautiful mountain regions on your road trip, take the Alpine Way for some dramatic scenery. You’ll get to drive through Kosciuszko National Park and make stops at some of the best camping spots in the whole of Australia! Take your time with this road trip and make sure to really take in all the nature and get familiar with wild wombats and wallabies. Start your trip in early summer when the snow thaws! This way, you’ll get amazing weather for exploring the alpine treks, gum tree slopes and even try some mountain biking. If this road trip leaves a good impression, next year you can take The Great Alpine Road up to Mount Buffalo! 

Australia is really the perfect place to explore by car. No matter which road you choose, you’ll bound to see many amazing things, experience something new and make unforgettable memories. So, prepare your car, grab your travel companions and embark on a fun road trip adventure through Australia!