Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and, due to our busy schedules, we often either neglect it or make up for it with unhealthy alternatives. The only period that most of us really spend time to enjoy breakfast, is during holidays; this is why picking a hotel with a sumptuous breakfast is necessary.

The vast majority of hotels across the world, offer a buffet breakfast in spacious and well-designed restaurants. This immediately means that you will not get to enjoy your 'morning quietness’. But hey, you are on holidays, so stop nagging and take the time to explore the people sitting and eating around you. Keep reading, as we are sure that you will spot at least one of the below five most commonly found traveller types! 

The just-got-married couple on honeymoon

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

They are in love, and they make sure that everyone around them notices it. After all, it is their first trip as a married couple, so they want everything to be romantic. Occasionally, you will find rose petals and champagne on their table.

Notice how they look each other in the eyes and feed one another that creamy croissant. If only that feeling could last forever — or maybe it can?

The Super-Fit, Super-Healthy lady

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

The healthy corner is her favorite section in the buffet. She doesn’t get close to anything that has more than 100 calories, and she loves eating everything that comes in a 'light', 'low-cal' or 'no-fat’ version. She is obviously 'allergic' to butter and deep fried dishes.

On her table, you will definitely see plenty of avocado and vegetables. She doesn't drink coffee — only fresh juices and vegetable smoothies. She reminds you that you too, should be on a diet… well, you can think about it when you get back home.

The late-riser

Photo by Loverna Journey on Unsplash

Don’t be shy; we all know that you can easily imagine yourself in this person’s shoes. The late-riser, usually hangover traveller, arrives 10 minutes before breakfast is over, and races to fill his dish before the staff starts cleaning the restaurant. He moves really fast, usually taking the last piece of everything.

Trying to be fast, the late-riser obviously pays less to none attention to what he is picking. You can spot Nutella, bacon, apple, and scrambled eggs — all in a single dish. You will most probably also see at least 4 cups of coffee on his table, as he desperately tries to wake up from his hangover.

The 'local culture' lover

Photo by Zach Ward on Unsplash

He is traveling to explore this world. Breakfast for him is not a simple lunch. Breakfast is one of the numerous ways that he believes will allow him to discover the local culture and tradition.

He will try exclusively local recipes, and he will ignore the common continental dishes. He loves destinations with sumptuous cuisine, and he always searches for the most popular local breakfast recipe. Don’t try to snatch away his joy of finding the most traditional dish; just let him enjoy his moment of glory.

The Extra Fit dude

Photo by elizabeth lies on Unsplash

He is enormous, making you wonder if his body has any spot that’s not covered in muscles. He is still sweaty from his brief morning training session. You will always see him in shorts or tracksuits, and athletic shoes. You will only hear him talk about the hotel’s gym, sport facilities, and - of course - his muscles.

His favorite food? Anything with extra protein, aka egg whites, chicken, and maybe a protein bar in his pocket for later. Never ask him about how he decided to put so much effort to build that body. He will start talking about his life-changing experience – a story that will never end!

Putting aside the fact that you have met some (or all) of these traveller types in the past, or you will most probably meet them really really soon, the real question is one: Which type of breakfast traveller are you?