Greece is a small paradise that welcomes travellers from around the world. It is a place with numerous astonishing cities, villages, islands and hidden places, that a traveller can explore all year round. During summertime, Greece is at its best. Sun is shining and all seaside spots - especially on the Greek islands - are at their peak! Moreover, summer in Greece is a long period, lasting usually from May to October, so there are no excuses for you not to arrange a visit!

To help you pick your summer destination and plan your getaway easier, we have collected the Best Greek Islands that you should definitely visit at least once. Also, an excellent idea is Island Hoping, which will offer you the chance to see multiple Greek Islands at once — for more detailed information on the Greek Island hoping, read this article .

Santorinian Romance

Santorini | Travel by Interest

One of the first Greek Islands that comes to mind, is no other than Santorini. Featuring maybe the most famous sunset in the world, it is one of the top destinations of the Cycladic Islands. 

Go with: Your Partner! The amazing sunsets and the gorgeous scenery make this one of the absolutely most romantic places on Earth!

Stay at: Oia or Imerovigli. Since Santorini’s highlight is the sunset, these two options are the best for your stay, offering the best view. On the other hand, the capital town of Fira offer a more 'central' experience, though with less impressive sunset views.

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Greek Cosmopolitan in Mykonos

Mykonos | Travel by Interest

Mykonos. Another Cycladic island that makes its way among the top Greek summer destinations. Known for its cosmopolitan nature and widely popular among Gay travellers, Mykonos has managed to transform its name into a brand.

Go with: Alone or with your party-lover friends. An island with plenty of dancing and socializing choices, Mykonos is ideal for singles and party squads.

Stay at: Chora of Mykonos. 'Chora’ is the capital town of the island, meaning that you will be staying right in the heart of the island’s lifestyle and intense nightlife. After all, who wants a long journey back to the hotel, after a fun night out?

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Adventures in Crete

Crete | Travel by Interest

Are you an explorer or a wine & gastronomy lover, who likes to to discover lots of new places? Then Crete is the island for your cup of tea – or, to be more accurate, your cup of 'raki'. An island with some of the most beautiful beaches, a rich local cuisine and a long history that will amaze all archeology and mythology lovers.

Go with: With your patient friends! Crete is a big island, so if you want to visit the most of it and discover its unique beauties from side to side, you will be driving a lot from place to place.

Stay at: This island is tricky, since it is huge and there is not one place that is the absolute must. Where you stay depends on what you’d like to do or see the most. However, the top places and most popular destinations to stay are Chania, Heraklion and Elounda.

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Summer Wine in Samos

Samos | Travel by Interest

One of the Greek Islands that have a long wine history — and especially known for its sweet wines, Samos is ideal for wine-tasting. On the cultural side, Samos is the birthplace of mathematician Pythagoras, astronomer Aristarchus and philosopher Epicurus. Also, it is the mythical birthplace of the goddess Hera and home to one of the largest temples in Greece.

Go with: Your family. Either with kids or parents, Samos is ideal for a bonding trip with your loved ones, while exploring its sights and magical beaches.

Stay at: Pythagoreio! And don’t miss to pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum.

Picturesque Folegandros

Folegandros | Travel by Interest

Folegandros is like visiting friends. Its small size makes you instantly feel like home, while getting the most out of Greek authenticity and simplicity. The permanent population is less than 900, which emits familiarity and feels like visiting friends. The island beaches are unique, yet a bit hard to reach.

Go with: With your Partner or close friends. Since it is a fairly quiet island with not much of a nightlife, it is ideal for relaxation, lounging around and chatting, while tasting traditional Greek food.

 Stay at: Stay close to the Chora of Folegandros, or closer to the beach. A nice choice is the beach of Karavostasi!

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Venetian Corfu

Corfu | Travel by Interest

If you like crystal clear, deep and cold blue waters as well as Venetian Style architecture, Corfu is one of the best Greek Islands to offer that. At the picturesque villages you will find here and there, you will get the chance to observe their tradition, but also have a taste of the cosmopolitan Old Town, where all the magic happens. Moreover, the beaches feel like paradise!

Go with: Your besties! Corfu has all you need, nightlife, exploring, beaches, parties and relaxing spots.

Stay At: Kontokali! An excellent bay choice featuring fine accommodation properties.

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