Mykonos definitely has to be the gay queen of Europe with thousands of gay men from all over the world visiting it every year. In addition to the overall friendly atmosphere that dominates the island, there are several gay hotspots like gay bars, clubs and parties gathering the gay community, but the most exciting gay spots of the island are surely its beaches. Mykonos has 2 major gay beaches called Elia Beach and Jackie O' Beach (Super Paradise):

  • Elia Beach: Walk to the right side of the beach (looking at the sea), and a bit further away from the main beach bar you will notice another set of sunbeds. The moment you set your sight in that area, you will surely notice that we are talking about the gay section of the beach. Get ready to meet the hottest gay guys of Greece, and not only, in that beach. Even though the waters of Elia beach are quite cold, they are the definition of crystal-clear giving you the opportunity for great sea excursions. If you like swimming, you should definitely swim to the rocky area where you will find sexy many hot surprises in the caves. The area above the rocks is officially granted a cruising area, and gay guys there are more “open” for new experiences. (Google Coordinates)

  • Jackie O' Beach: Being the upcoming gay beach of Mykonos, Jackie O' Beach steadily attracts more and more gay people every year. It got its name from the nearby gay bar Jackie O', the most popular gay bar in the island. There are several gay themed-parties organised in the beach every year with the drag shows being in the spotlight. Jackie O' is a magnificent bar/restaurant where you enjoy a delicious dinner provided with an excellence of service or enjoy your cocktail in the pool-bar in the terrace. (Google Coordinates

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