Belgium is generally distinguished for its open-minded & gay-friendly attitude, with Brussels surely being the city-beacon to support this statement. Brussels is a city with a high historical & political value as it's the home of several outstanding historical monuments of great architecture and the place where the headquarters of the European Union are situated.

Daylight Gay Scene
There are several gay hotspots in Brussels, where you can have a coffee or grab something to eat during the day.

  • Fontainas is a gay-friendly cafe & bar that might not focus on the gay community, but it has a really gay-friendly environment.
  • La Moon is another gay-friendly cafe/lounge bar with a modern and stylish environment in the center of Brussels.
  • La Boule Rouge is a big gay friendly Resturant-Bar which features amazing drag shows that you can watch while dining.

Gay Bars
The majority of the gay bars in Brussels are located in the city center, around Kolenmarkt street. The most popular ones are:

  • Le Belgica - Probably one of the most popular gay bars in Brussels, Le Belgica will surprise you with its friendly atmosphere and cheap drinks.
  • Le Boys Boudoir - A stylish gay bar that attracts younger gay guys, with 2 dance floors, that gets busy usually after midnight.
  • La Reserve - It's the oldest gay bar in Brussels, with a cozy & friendly environment that attracts more mature crowds. 
  • Le Baroque - A popular small gay bar in the heart of Brussels with a pretty cool atmosphere, that attracts mainly bears & otters.
  • Le Dolores - Recently reopened, a small gay bar in the center of the gay scene of Brussels, attracting locals & older men.

Gay Events & Parties
There are several gay events & parties taking place in Brussels every month, some of which happen once in a lifetime while others are more regular and happen at least once in a year. The most popular regular gay parties in Brussels are:

  • Flash Tea Dance is a weekly gay party, organized by the night club You. It attracts mixed audience
  • La Demence is the most popular gay party in Europe that happens pretty regularly, usually on Fridays. It takes place in the club Fuse which has 3 levels and 2 dance floors while it is visited by many gay people around the globe.
  • Revelation Party - It's a fetish gay party with kinky dancers that also takes play pretty often.
  • Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride - The most popular gay pride in Belgium takes place in Brussels, and thousands of people march out on the streets for equality.
  • Pink Screens - An annual gay film festival that takes place during 12-21 November. 

Gay Cruising
Surprisingly, there is only gay cruising club in Brussels and it's called Stammbar. Since it's the only gay cruising club, everyone is gathered at it. It features a dark room and several cruising-only spots while it attracts mainly bears.
Gay Saunas

There are several amazing gay saunas in Brussels, which partly justifies the lack of gay cruising clubs. The most popular gay saunas are:
Sauna Macho - It's a recently renovated sauna in Brussels that has been in the center of attention for many years now. It has several floors and many facilities like steam rooms, dry sauna, lockers, dark room, private cabins etc...
Sauna Spades 4 - One of the largest gay saunas in Europe, featuring amazing sauna facilities, a maze, private cabins, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, gym, Hammam & more.
Sauna La Griffe - It's a small gay sauna situated near the center of Brussels that attracts older audiences. It's perfect for relaxation, as it has an amazing Turkish steam bath.

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