Thailand is a country that is accepting and open minded, so gay life is discreet enough yet vibrant. Phuket, is on of Thailand’s most lively gay scenes and a top destination for LGTB travelers. Moreover, it is a destination with amazing sandy beaches, lots of activities to engage in such as water sports and 

Phuket Gayborhood: Where are the Gay Bars Located!

Paradise Complex (Check Google Map Coordinates): If you ask a local where the gay neighborhood of Phuket is, you get an instant reply. Paradise Complex is the nest of the majority of Phuket’s gay activity. Although there are other areas here and there, where there are gay venues, this area is the most vibrant. This blossoming LGTB community is just steps away from Patong beach. The area features many gay guesthouses and you will find everything you need in the area. Gay bars and Clubs are more than enough and you will be surprised how open and friendly are the people, flirting and having fun.

A Gay Resort in Phuket to Spend your Gay Vacations!

The best way to upgrade your holidays in Phuket is by picking the right hotel, and we think we have found the best hotel on the island to host your gay holidays. We are talking for none other than Phuket Gay Homestay, a gay resort in Phuket that has managed to become the talk of the town due to its welcoming environment and superb service.

It's a relatively small hotel, with only 5 rooms, so it can host up to 10 guests at the same time. Its main swimming pool is a hub of relaxation and socializing for hotel's guests who spend their days there, sunbathing and plunging in the cool waters. Every morning, you can even decide on things to do together with other hotel guests like beach exploration, or other activites that may interest you.

All rooms are air-conditioned, with a free wifi connection, and access to a delicious buffet breakfast. Keep in mind that this is a male-only place and the swimming pool is only available to the hotel guests, but day passes can be issued for unexpected encounters you might have. If you want to blow off some steam, the steam sauna that opens after 6pm will become your favorite place to be. 

So, if you are planning to visit Phuket for its gay life, we highly urge you to book at this hotel. You can   click here to get prices directly from them!

Gay Bars & Clubs in Phuket: The Best Places to Have Fun

Phuket features a variety of gay barsrestaurantscabaret shows and more, especially in the Paradise Complex area -as mentioned above. A tip though, be cautious because due to the level of the much developed gay scene there, many times boys are commercial so be sure you meet the same expectations from flirting and dancing.

If you prefer to meet locals either for flirting or just hanging around, you may better visit less vibrant gay bars and mostly meet locals. The only problem is that most of them may not speak or be fluent in English. In that case, you can use dedicated applications to meet people, like GrindrPlanet RomeoHornet or Growlr.

1. Boat Bar

As one of the most popular gay bars in Phuket, Boat Bar's nightly cabaret shows, and live DJ evenings attract men and women, straight and gay to dance on the rhythm of popular pop songs. It's particularly favored by younger crowds, while it's frequented by tourists.

2. My Way

Among the oldest bars in the Paradise Complex, My Way is a cabaret that hosts 3 great shows every night. This gorgeous go-go bar will charm you with its outside terrace that's perfect to enjoy your drink while people-watching. It also attracts mixed crowds.

3. Passport Pub

This is a small gay lounge bar located at the entrance of the Paradise Complex. It spreads through two small stages, while it's known for its discreet design and friendly service. It's a great place to start your gay night out in Phuket as it opens daily from 9pm to late.

4. Zag Club

Many consider it among the most fun gay go-go bars in Phuket to, and it's definitely worthy of its reputation. It hosts various special shows, events and happy hours, while it has an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a drink at your own pace, while watching the free street cabaret performance.

Gay-Popular Beaches in Phuket - Relax & Sunbathe to your heart's content!

Below you can find two of the most popular Gay beaches in Phuket, ideal for meeting guys. In general Phuket features paradise-like beaches, so they are all worth of visiting so try to review a few. Also, mixed crowds are attracted everywhere, so you can meet guys elsewhere too. Just a tip though, know that public nudity is not generally accepted in Thailand so beware.

Patong Gay Beach (Check Google Map Coordinates)

Patong is a beachfront town, located at the west coast of Phuket and its beach carries the same name too.  This city is also hosts the above mentioned gayborhoud, Paradise Complex. The middle area of Patong Beach, is the one that is the gay area and you will easily spot it. Just look for the small gay flag and you’re there. Moreover, it is one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches you will definitely enjoy.

Surin Gay Beach (Check Google Map Coordinates)

A bit further away, approximately 15 km north of Patong, you will find the second most popular gay beach in Phuket. Surin Beach, is a beautiful white sanded beach lined with tall exotic trees and a gay hot spot. It is a fancier choice, since it is located in an area that also features fine restaurants, win bars, beach clubs and more.

Gay Saunas & Massage Spots to blow off some steam

These are some of the most popular sauna gay hot spots in Phuket:

Aquarius Sauna (Check Google Map Coordinates)

 It features a small gym, Swedish sauna, jacuzzi, dark room, steam bath, indoor plunge pool and a rooftop sun terrace. The sauna works until 10:00 pm.

Tara Sauna (Check Google Map Coordinates)

It's a small sauna with many facilities like a gym, dark room, steam room, video room, karaoke and private cabins. It attracts mainly Thai gay residents so don’t be surprised that most of the staff and visitors don't speak English.

Blue Dolphin Massage (Check Google Map Coordinates)

It's an exclusive men’s massage with a high quality and a wide variety of spa services, even for couples!

As for the hotels, there are plenty of Gay-Friendly accommodation choices in Phuket, and you can Check some of the Hotels