Breakfast, the most important and — surprisingly — the most neglected meal by many of us, gets its rightful position during vacations. The most common hotel practice is to offer a buffet breakfast with Continental and American choices, which provide what is considered as 'expected’ by the majority of travellers. However, in TBI, we absolutely love special and unique breakfast experiences, that can become an integral part of any trip!

One of our most recent discoveries, is the breakfast served in Tainaron Blue Retreat in Mani, Greece. A hotel that clearly invests a lot in providing the best possible kick-off every single day to all of its guests. 

The Concept

Tainaron Blue Retreat has created an authentic Greek breakfast experience, where traditional flavors will blast into your mouth as you try hotel's sumptuous meal.

Breakfast is served daily after 9.30 a.m., without a time limit — meaning that you can enjoy it anytime you wish during the day. 

Since breakfast is served after 9.30 a.m., the early birds can enjoy complimentary morning coffee using the Nespresso machines available in all rooms!

The various courses are not all served at once, but come in rounds one by one. This is the reason why many past guests referred to it as a “degustation" breakfast.

Breakfast tastes change daily, so you should expect to enjoy more unique recipes, the longer you stay. And if you can’t resist to a specific one, you can simply ask the hotel staff to include it in your everyday breakfast menu.


The Flavors

All dishes are prepared with local or traditional Greek products, so flavors are authentic, rich and diverse. Indigenous ingredients like olive oil, yogurt and honey are prominent in the menu, while fresh fruit and vegetables add an extra colour to the menu’s palette. The broad use of such pure and natural local elements, inevitably transforms your morning meal into a full and no doubt healthy one!

The Drinks

As for the drinks, you can go for a wide variety of both hot and cold beverages to accompany your breakfast, ranging from detox types of tea and fresh orange juice to a diversified selection of coffee.

Special props to the organic pomegranate juice straight from the owners' pomegranate-growing fields. Detox water with lemon and spearmint/basil is pretty amazing, too!

The Side Dishes

The first dish is always a small bowl of superfoods like goji berries or pieces of handmade chocolate with pistachio and other nuts. You can enjoy traditional jams & marmalades made by the hotel’s attentive hosts, spread with fresh butter on a slice of toasted wholemeal bread. Or, you can try the delicious, also homemade, spoon sweets made from cherries, bergamot orange, quince, grapes, etc., served on top of Greek yogurt (trust us, this is not something to be missed!).

Another fascinating thing you will get to try is unique combinations of bio honey, such as honey from chestnut,  heather and thyme or even orange blossom honey and the strong-flavored one with mastiha. All honey flavors in Tainaron blue come from different regions of Greece.

The Main Dishes

The main dishes of Tainaron Blue Retreat’s breakfast fall into three main categories: eggs, sausages and pies. Starting with eggs - always fresh, by the way - a delicious omelet is served daily, infused with local asparagus (must-try!), syglino (local cold-cut), cherry tomatoes, as well as many other combinations that you are more than welcome to discover yourself!

The local sausage with orange is Mani's specialty, so don't miss it. Not to mention, the extra-delicious buffalo one. Last but not least, the mouth drooling pie of the day, is made either with spinach and Greek feta, ham and cheese, chicken and mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and pesto, or lots of other delicious alterations. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can ask for a meat-free choice or Cretan pies with spinach and Mani's onion pies, which are equally delicious.

The Dessert

Since your meal would not be complete without a dessert, welcome to the final touch! Delightful treats such as rice pudding, cream - a perfect mixture of milk and orange zest - and a tempting platter with seasonal fruits will become the perfect ending to your breakfast experience at Tainaron Blue Retreat!

The View

Delectable food is even better when enjoyed in a nice setting. And what could be more breathtaking than the stunning Mediterranean views of Tainaron Blue Retreat?

Gaze at the hundreds shades of blue of the sea blending with the endless blue of the Greek sky, and live a breakfast experience you will never forget!
Oh, and make sure you challenge your friends, by posting the most amazing 'look what I am eating' Instagram posts & stories!

If you can’t wait to start planning your next holidays to Greece and Tainaron Blue Retreat, you can  click here to check availability and rates at the hotel and start dreaming of that crunchy pie melting in your mouth!