For some people New Year’s Eve is celebrated in the best possible way! Clubbing until early in the morning, drinking at expensive parties or dining in fine restaurants. But what if this year, you are not in the mood of making any great plans, and you want to avoid waiting for hours in big club queues or having a hangover the morning after? For this reason, we made a list with a few alternative suggestions for celebrating New Year’s Eve.    

1. Have a sleepover

Photo Credit: Nik MacMillan

It’s easy! Invite some close friends over, wear your pyjamas, bring out lots of candy and wine and you are ready! Because, what is better than spending the night with your best friends, watching movies and staying up talking, until late? And even if you get drunk playing drinking games, you will be really close to your bed!

2. Play some Board Games

Photo Credits: Jaciel Melnik

What more could you need than another reason to feel like you are young again! Organize a board game night with a couple of friends, and bring out old board games you used to play as kids, like Monopoly or Jenga. It is also a great chance to show off all this weird knowledge you keep in your head, by playing Trivial Pursuit. Include some snacks and drinks, and your night will become more festive than ever!

3. Host a dinner

Photo Credits: Jay Wennington

If you don’t feel like going to someone else’s fancy New Year’s Eve party, then plan your own! Invite your friends and family, create a festive setting, light some candles and find some easy New Year’s Eve recipes to cook. It will be the best way to reflect on the past year and make some new plans for the year to come.

4. Watch a movie

Photo Credit: Jens Kreuter

If you are not really in the mood to go out, and you feel exhausted from previous night's parties and festivities, you can grab some popcorn or chips, a glass of wine and your warm blanket and welcome the new year with a movie! RENT, Ocean's 11 with Frank Sinatra, Snowpiercer, Holiday Inn, New Year’s Day and New Year's Eve, are some classic festive movies to watch on this special night.

5. New Year's Eve for Two

Photo Credit: Ian Schneider

What is more romantic than spending the last day of the year with your significant other? If your friends and family have other plans for New Year’s Eve, then it is the perfect excuse to spend some more time with your partner. Candles, a fine bottle of champagne and some music will help you create the perfect romantic atmosphere. 

You can spend the night together cooking dinner, laughing, drinking, chatting about your New Year’s resolutions, and dancing to the music. And if the weather permits it, you can watch the fireworks from your own rooftop!

6. Call a friend

Photo Credits: Steinar Engeland

Distance can play an important role on days like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Imagine having moved to a big city, with no one to spend the night with and celebrate, because you are really far away from home. So, take advantage of the latest technology and make a Skype call with a friend or loved one, who's spending the night alone as well.   

And because it is New Year’s Eve, order some food, open a bottle of wine, and spend the night together with your friend, as you did all these years! 

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