Ubud has always been distinguished for its high culture and abundance of activities in nature. It’s home to numerous ancient temples, lush natural environment with diverse wildlife, imposing waterfalls reaching up to 4 meters, and breath-taking, huge swings where you can swing over steep hills.

The above aspects of Ubud, and much more, make it a thrilling, and more importantly, inspiring destination that thousands of artists, writers and inspiration-seekers visit annually.

The best months to visit Ubud (weather-wise) are June to September. For warm weather and less crowds, visit April and May.

There are many ways to discover Ubud nowadays. There are taxis, which you can rent for a day, and they will guide you to the area's most important sights. Or else, you could stay in a centrally located hotel and explore all sights by yourselves.

A central hotel might be slightly more expensive than the hotels on the suburbs but it will save you much time and effort. We decided to make it easier for you and narrow your research to a beautiful hotel that boasts reasonable prices, stunning views, superb facilities, and a luxurious stay to remember!

Bisma Eight – A Boutique Hotel in the natural and cultural heart of Bali!

Staying at Bisma Eight means that you will be only a 10-minute walk to Central Ubud, as well as super close to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and the Tjampuhan Sacred Hills. So, location-wise, it definitely ranks in the top 10 hotels to stay in Ubud.

The hotel is completely immersed in green, located in a tropical rainforest, featuring a unique atmosphere that encourages relaxation and recreation in nature. Its pool will become your most beloved sanctuary during summer and winter. There, you will take a refreshing break from the hot sunny days and melt in heated waters on the cold winter evenings.

Stay Fit, Stay Strong A fit space will be at your disposal, fully equipped with a gym and a rotating schedule of classes and workshops.

The Rooftop Bar is open and spacious, with wooden picnic-style tables and comfortable sofas with elegant cushions. The hotel’s rich herb garden is also on the rooftop!

  Bisma Eight will become your private sanctuary where you can relax and unwind during your Balinese Culture Exploration Experience. Let’s discover 7 major sights that you should explore during your cultural journey in Ubud!


Ubud Culture Exploration | New Cultures, New Experiences

Photo Credits: Bisma Eight

Leave the books aside and explore Ubud’s rich culture through activities and sight exploration. We will set as starting point the convenient located in the heart of Ubud, Bisma Eight Hotel. Your exploration is about to start and it’s more thrilling than you would ever think!

1st Stop: Play with the monkeys at the Sacred Monkey Forest!

Only a 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel, Sacred Monkey Forest is bound to set the start of your cultural trip in Ubud. It works daily from 8:30 am to 6 pm and it is home to 700 monkeys.

It’s a great place to play, feed and watch these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. However, it has an imposing scenery and beautiful ancient temples that are also worth mentioning.

Special Attention Don’t look the monkeys in the eyes and be careful since they can get  pretty aggressive. Don’t take valuable things with you, since they will most probably snatch them from you!

2nd Stop: Walk along the scenic Tjampuhan Sacred Hills

Photo Credits: Do Less Get More Done

Also, very close to Bisma Eight, the scenic Tjampuhan Sacred Hills highlights Ubud’s glorious natural beauty. The Campuhan Ridge Walk, the best known Ubud trek, passes through it.

During your trekking, you will enjoy spectacular vistas over rice fields, lush green hills, and ancient temples.

We highly recommend you try this activity right after breakfast. It’s a great way to exercise and enjoy a cool, sunny morning exploring the lush Balinese countryside.

3rd Stop: Goa Gajah, The Elephant Cave

Photo Credits: Bisma Eight

Goa Gajah, most commonly known as The Elephant Cave, is 22 minutes driving from Bisma Eight. Outside the temple, you will find a beautiful scenery with a lily pond, a small waterfall, and ancient ruins.

The cave’s exterior features demonic faces that keep away the bad spirits and mean people. Inside the temple, you will find the Gods of creation, preservation and destruction.

When in the temple, you will have to wear a sarong to cover your legs. You can rent your own sarong , buy one from locals or bring a fancier shuran from home since they sell plain shurans there.

4th Stop: Swing over the Jungle at Bali Swing Club 

Photo Credits: Bali Swing Club

Swing over Ubud's breathtaking rainforests at Bali Swing & Club. This might not be much of culture exploration but it's a must do for any visitor of Ubud. The Bali Swing Active Package costs 35.00 USD per person and it will give you access to 4 single swings of various heights, an old-school tandem swing, 4 cute nests, a butterfly garden, a helicopter, a heart rock in the jungle, and a huge stone over the edge above the valley.

If you do not fancy the swings, you can pay a fee of 10.00 USD and enjoy the rest of the hotspots. 

5th Stop: Tirta Empul

Photo Credits: Bisma Eight

The Water Temple, or else called Tirta Empul, was built in 962 AD. It's only 37 minutes' drive from Bisma Eight Hotel and it's open seven days per week. It consists of four pain parts, which will take you half an hour to explore.

The Central Courtyard is a large open area where local sellers gather to sell small bananas and souvenirs to the tourists. The Jaba Tengah is the busiest section since it's where the two purification pools are located. Locals gather daily to be purified by the holy waters. 

The Inner Courtyard, or Jeroan, is a peaceful area behind the purification pools where locals gather to relax and tourists to rest and enjoy their peaceful environment. The last section is the Koi Pool and it can be found as you exit the temple. You may find various sellers there as well!

6th Stop: Pura Taman Saraswati

Photo Credits: Bali by Hotels.com

Only 13 minutes' walk from Bisma Eight, the water palace, Pura Taman Saraswati, is one of the most iconic sights in Ubud that was built in 1952. It's dedicated to Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom, literature and art. It stands out for its stunning lotus pond and water garden.

7th Stop: Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Photo Credits: Bali by Hotels.com

A breathtaking scenery that seems to belong to a postcard, Tegalalang Rice Terrace has a natural, exotic beauty, that should not be missed. The beautiful rice terraces surrounded by lush palm trees and tropical greeneries will become an amazing backdrop for your Instagram photo shooting.

Visit the terrace in the morning for less crowds and heat.  Walk through the nearby villages to hear fascinating stories by the locals and discover the local culture and traditions!

The red pinpoint is the hotel!

Your cultural trip in Ubud will be thrilling, informative and inspiring. You will leave Indonesia packed with new knowledge and experiences that you will remember for a lifetime. Above, you will find a map with Bisma Eight (red pinpoint) and the referred sights. We wish you the most pleasant journey!