Breakfast, the very first meal of the day – and the most important one – should be a crucial part of our daily eating routine. Fortunately, or not, it’s also one of the most neglected meals – as most of us make up for it with cheap alternatives or skip it due to lack of time.

For many of us, our vacations are the only periods when we can enjoy our breakfast peacefully and at ease. Most of the hotels nowadays offer buffet breakfast, offering a variety of morning delicacies that will ensure a fresh start of the day. On the other side, very few of them focus on the quality.

Among our search of the best hotel breakfasts in the world, we came across a marvellous hotel in Karpathos, called Althea Boutique Hotel. This hotel offers a sumptuous breakfast that totally reflects on its country’s rich food tradition, including homemade dishes that ooze tradition.

Althea Boutique Hotel: True – Authentic – Simple 

First things first; Althea Boutique Hotel is a lovely hotel located in the famous area of Amoopi in Karpathos. It’s only 7km away from Karpathos’ International Airport, two minutes’ walk from Amoopi’s golden-sand beaches, and 2km away from the island’s Chora. It has a super convenient location while its very easy to find – just follow Google Maps.

The hotel comprises of 16 apartments, all featuring a unique architecture and character. They are all themed apartments with unique design based on the name of each apartment. A detailed description of every room can be found at the hotel’s website. In addition to the breakfast, there are also some other features of Althea Boutique Hotel that will make you love it.

  • It has a cosy terrace that overlooks the blue Mediterranean Sea, where you can enjoy stunning views over the island and the sea.
  • All rooms feature a unique architecture while they are spacious enough to host all types of travellers – from couples to small families.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms, while conveniences like airport/port transfer, babysitting, dry cleaning service, and doctor-on-call are available upon request.
  • The hotel has its own wifi, while a Welcome Basket is offered to all guests complimentary.

The above, and much more, are small details that will make Althea Boutique Hotel feel like a home away from home. For more information about the hotel, you can check out its website by clicking here, or you could   check prices directly from its booking engine here.



A Traditional Greek Breakfast overlooking the Mediterranean Blue!

There are many reasons to love Althea Boutique Hotel's breakfast; from its healthy and fresh recipes to its different dishes served every day. All recipes are prepared by Ms. Maria Loizou, the hotel’s owner, who, in addition to being a great host, is also an excellent cook.

All dishes make use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients like the 100% extra virgin olive oil produced by the hotel’s olives. Special gluten-free, lactose-free, and without salt also recipes are available upon request.

The Drinks!

For drinks, you will be given plenty of choices. For an extra healthy start, you should try the fresh orange juice. The homemade lemonade is also delicious and a great alternative to swap with orange juice during your stay.

If you are among those who cannot function without a cup of caffeine, the hotel serves all types of hot and cold beverages, from strong espresso to relaxing yet energizing tea grown locally.

The Side Dishes!

The breakfast is supplied with many recipes and delicacies that even if you are staying for a week, you will be able to try something different every day. You will be given a wide diversity of bread (multi-grain, white, etc), on which you can spread delicious butter with homemade marmalades made with local fruits. The marmalades are made of pumpkin, lemon, fig, quince, apple, grapes and citrus fruits.

Fresh local Greek yogurt will also be available, and you can enjoy it with a mixture of nuts, super foods (goji berries, cranberries, etc) and thyme Honey. All types of fresh fruits are served depending on the seasonality.

The Main Dishes!

All of the above delicacies are served daily, however, the main dish is a completely different story. The main dish is actually a surprise and it differs day per day. During your stay, you will encounter one of the below recipes.

The first dish that we are going to mention is a family-secret that Ms. Maria Loizou remembers from her grandmother. It’s a Karpathian omelette with onion, zucchini, potato, tomato and fresh local eggs. All ingredients are fresh, and they are sourced from the hotel’s garden.

The Karpathian “pancakes” are made with fresh milk, egg and flour. They are served warm and fluffy with thyme honey, nuts and cinnamon. The traditional Karpathian bread roll is a local speciality that you will find nowhere else. It is cooked in a traditional wood-burning stove with onions and lots of spices. It is served with Karpathnian goat cheese, tomato and grapes.

Other dishes that you can enjoy include: petite pies filled with mizithra and sprinkled with fried onions, omelet with cardamom or vourves, and sweet or savory crepes filled with ingredients of your choice.

A handful of energy that will supply your days!

After this healthy and energy packed breakfast, you will surely be ready to seize the day. In case you do not have enough time to take your breakfast at the hotel, you can request for breakfast-to-go and Ms. Maria Loizou will create a special breakfast package especially for you. Lastly, in case you are an early bird, you can take your breakfast earlier than 7:30 upon request. So don’t waste any more time and embark on a delicious breakfast journey by   booking directly at the hotel here.