When traveling and exploring new places, one of the major factors of the trip, is of course food!

First of all, it is essential to keep energy levels up, which are much needed when roaming around cities or valleys all day. But most importantly, beside all sights and landmarks, local food is a 'tourist attraction' on its own, as it is something you most probably cannot try at home. So why, the King of this Culinary Experience is Street Food, rather than fancy restaurants? Let's find out!

Number 1: It's the Real Deal!

Maybe the strongest reason is authenticity! When choosing street food, you get to eat what the locals eat. Fancy restaurants may also be a local's favorite, but often it is a more special choice, with recipes being modified to be a bit more interesting than a resident would eat at home. Instead, street food is what a local knows and eats often. So it is the perfect chance for a traveler, to get in touch with authentic delights. Also, venues and restaurants whose target group are tourists, will most likely serve food that is being simplified, just for being a safer choice for a traveler. That also can prevent you from tasting the real deal!

Street Food | Travel by Interest

Number 2: Eye Scan before Devouring!

When traveling in an unknown environment, a traveler often has no idea what are the food choices, how it is prepared and other details. When picking an on the go treat or sitting for a quick meal at a street food venue, one can see everything. Usually the kitchen is visible, so you can see how your meal is cooked and check for fresh products being used. Moreover, you can avoid menus that you may not understand and just pick your meal by sight pointing out what you wish to try out.

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Number 3: Socializing at its best!

Is there a more profound reason to pick Street Venues for your meals, than for meeting local people? It is definitely easier to chat with locals when waiting in a queue or sitting in a small tavern close to each other. Moreover, a cry for help on what to order, is an excellent conversation starter. And who knows, you may find your personal city guide that way.

Street Food | Travel by Interest

Number 4: You're in a hurry!

We are sure you have been to a place just for the weekend, trying to make the best of it and catch up with all major sights and landmarks, from morning till dawn. Or, you have found yourself in a busy city traveling for business, yet wishing to see that awesome gallery you've heard about, during your break. In both cases, you have no time to spend on a long meal at a restaurant. Street food is an easy and fulfilling choice, while you can quickly pick a place with the minimum of a queue and have something quick to eat.

Number 5: Eat as little or as much you like!

Sometimes one is not that hungry, but could have a light snack. In restaurants often the choices are so many, that you can get carried away and have too much. That cannot happen that easily, when just grabbing a mini falafel from a street vendor. Or, vice versa. You may have a full meal at a fancy gourmet restaurant and that may not be enough. When picking up street food, it's easier to get full.

Number 6: Wallet Issues!

One more reason Street Food is a major choice among travelers, is that it is cheaper. Either you are traveling with the little amount of money you've managed to set aside, or if you prefer to spend it on other experiences like activities or shopping, you may choose street food over expensive restaurants. That way you can both get to taste local treats and save money.

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