Ready for your next road trip? Time to make sure. Below there is a checklist of essentials you should consider having with you when you hit the road. You need to be prepared for anything and everything. These essentials are going to make sure you are.

The Eight Essentials 

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1) Make sure you get a proper night's rest. Every person is different. Some people are great with 4 hours. Others are better with 10 hours. Either way, make sure you are awake enough to begin a proper journey. Did you know that more than 100,000 accidents every year because the driver is too tired to drive safely?

2)  You need to have your car checked out before you go, including making sure your tyres are in tip-top shape and condition. Check your car fluids and filters, it is also recommended that you get an oil change before your trip. That will reduce the chances of you having issues while you are on the road.

Switch off with someone else in the car if you need to. That is a great idea because some of you might get restless after a few hours of sitting in the driver's seat. Make plans to take turns driving that way you and the other people in the car are well-rested.

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3) You should have some kind of an emergency kit in your car, including extra blankets, flares, and extra food and water. You are going to get hungry on your trip, depending on how far you are going. It beats paying extra money for snacks along the way. Have items you can change a tire with too. Your tire might get flat. Learn how to change a tire or deal with a flat before you go. That way you can save time and money along the way.

4) Do you have protection for your child if you have any with you? Make sure the safety locks are always on. Make sure to get rid of any harsh substances in the car that could cause damage to your child. You need to be prepared for anything on the road.

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5) Did you pack accordingly? Pack for what you will need, and not for what you want to have with you. The idea is to keep the weight down in the car. That means you need to do a major cleanout before you hit the road. Get rid of any items that are not necessary. Store your suitcases and bags accordingly. Make sure they are tied down and do not come loose. The last thing you want is to have a suitcase fly around and injure someone in the car. There are certain tips which you can't afford to follow, and this one is one of them.

6) How long is your trip? Did you schedule breaks along the way? You will need them. There is no way you can travel for eight hours on a highway without a few breaks. It does not matter how great you are on the road. Plus, your passengers, family or otherwise, will want to get out and stretch their legs. They will want to stop for a meal. The snacks you packed are not going to be enough. Find a small place you can pull off the road and get something to eat. Fresh air is good for everyone. You will be more refreshed when you start your journey again after you have had something to eat.

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7) You should think long-term. Not short-term. Once more, you need to be prepared for everything. That means you need to think at least ten cars ahead of you. Anticipate what the cars are going to do.

FYI: You should keep a safe distance between you and the other cars. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one or two car's length between you and the other person. That way you can stop safely if something happens in a split second.

8) Ignore the phone. That is going to be challenging for a lot of you. Turn the phone off. You should wait to send a text until after you have reached a pit stop. No phone call is that important unless you are making an emergency call to the police. That also means you should turn off the Bluetooth portion. The world can survive without you for a while.

FYI: It is similar to watching a movie and talking on the phone at home. You are going to miss something. Be safe on the road. You need to be respectful of everyone else. Not just you.