Asia hosts some of the most stunning hotels in the world and travellers seem to be fully aware of that. As a huge continent with many wonderful destinations, it quite surprising that many of the travellers (more than 230.000 per year according to Google - you can see the official report here) start planning their trip by searching broader keywords like "hotels in Asia" so as to decide where to spend their holidays in this wonderful and diverse continent.

9% of the searches comes from the United States, making it clear that the "Americans" make the most searches for "hotels in Asia", putting UK at the second spot, while keeping alive "the search battle" of these two famous destinations. It makes completely sense that travellers from India are in the top three, highlighting their big interest for holidays in Asia (as it happens for most of the Asian destinations).

But which are the most searched keywords? All inclusive resorts and Best Beach Resorts are on the top of the list since travellers seem to need "carefree" holidays, with all included packages and pre-arranged activities and, of course, leisure time by the beach. Even if Asia is usually all about high temperatures and exotic landscapes, more than 1400 people per year are looking for "Ski Resorts in Asia", also including in their searches terms like "the best mountain hotels and resorts in Asia". Of course "Family Resorts in Asia" is among the most searched terms, while "hotels and resorts in southeast Asia" seems to have the highest demand.

What TBI did for travellers?

After studying the searches, we created several hotel collections about Asia, including hotels that match the criteria of each interest and trend, helping travellers find the hotel that fits better with their needs! Of course travellers can always book directly with the hotels at the best rates and get instant availability.

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