Every hotel must be guest centred. Everything that a hotel consists of is because of the guests or for the guests. They are the reason behind the construction of it. Therefore, there are certain basic things that are needed to be provided to the respective guests. They are the ones who enhance the goodwill of a hotel. The first and the foremost thing should be the essential hotel guest supplies. 

10 Essential Guest Supplies Every Hotel Should Provide

#1. Extra Blankets, Pillows and Towels Every individual has different needs. Some people like separate towels for face and towels for the body. There are people who always keep silent. On the other hand, there are some who are always lively and expressive. Therefore, it is important to keep these extras things that ensure to provide comfort to the guests. You can roll up these blankets and towels and put them in a basket, which you can place on the bed or on the floor if there is a problem regarding storage.

#2. Wastebasket – Do not let your guests question you regarding the basket for disposing of waste. Place it in a noticeable corner of the hotel room, so they can find it easily and throw their garbage there without littering the other places. This is an important part of the hotel guest supplies. 

#3. Clock – It is important to place a clock in every room of the hotel. It becomes difficult to switch on the cell phone every now and then to check the time. A clock serves the purpose well.

#4. Storage for Clothes – It is important to make storage space for the guest. This will help them to store their belongings and use it to hang in some outfits. The hotel guest supplies should also include, providing hangers in the storage space.

#5. Hooks on The Door – These door hooks help to hang things like caps, jackets, purses, etc. It actually helps by reducing the belongings and makes room for all the other things to get accommodated in the storage.

#6. Iron – An iron is a must in hotel guest supplies. The guests cannot carry iron wherever they go, so it is very important to provide them with one. This will help them to straighten their wrinkled-up dresses and suits. The guests must also be provided with iron board and if there is less space then, an over-the-door board needs to be provided.

#7. Tissues – This is something that most hotels do not provide their guests with. A box of tissues is acceptable by the guests. Make sure that the tissues provided are not allergic. Tissues are a must in the list of hotel guest supplies

#8. Basic and Necessary Toiletries – It is very obvious that the guests carry their own favourite toiletries along with them. But you cannot be overconfident about the fact. So, it is the duty of the hotel to provide with the basic toiletries to the guests. This can be left in the room of the hotel in a small basket with a short note of welcome.

#9. Mirror with Full-Length – The hotel guest supplies should include a mirror of full-length. This should be installed on an empty wall or it can also be installed on the area behind the door. It can also provide with a standing mirror. 

#10. Hair Dryer – Just like an iron, hairdryer is something that most people do not carry with themselves. Rather they expect that to be present in the hotel room in which they would stay for the upcoming days. As sometimes, it is necessary to dry the hair before leaving the room.

If you are the owner of any hotel, make sure to provide the above-mentioned items in the hotel.