Queen of tarts, trams and tiles, Lisbon, is a genuine and welcoming city that gets you off-charge with its extensive beauty. The city radiates a modern vibe that somehow respects tradition, while its surprising food scene goes far beyond the famous and so beloved pasteis de nata (custard tarts). Ornate kiosks offer drinks and snacks at local parks, while traditional pastelarias lurk at the city's narrow cobblestone streets, serving delicious local specialties.

The aroma of freshly baked pastries and pingado every morning is a true sign that you are in Lisbon. Since it's very difficult to say "no" to these aromas, you will either end up getting in the first pasteria you see in front of you, or most probably get stuck among the countless breakfast options the city has to offer. Of course, the opportunity for an English breakfast is not entirely getting stripped of you, or even a "sexier" bowl of ice cream-topped cereal? It's up to you!

Finding a venue to enjoy your morning meal needs research, money, and honestly, who does that? Bed and Breakfast is here and it will stay for a long, long time. Nowadays, most of the hotels include breakfast as part of the accommodation, while many of them offer it complimentary. Among the hotels offering B&B in Lisbon, there is one that stands out from the others due to its delicious a-la-carte breakfast and high quality of services.

We are talking for none other than the gorgeous Santiago de Alfama!

Breakfast Dishes you can't deny!

  Santiago de Alfama's breakfast will please all your five senses. It is taken at the gorgeous Audrey's Cafe, Bar, Restaurant every morning from 7h30 to 11h30 and it is served a la carte style. All dishes are well-presented and you will most probably feel bad for spoiling their beauty - they will make great photo material for your Instagram. In any case, their overwhelming aromas will make it difficult to stay in character and not to opt for the first bite.

A proper breakfast includes various egg dishes, and so did Santiago de Alfama enrich its breakfast menu with various egg-cipes. You can choose among the old-time-classic Eggs Benedict and various alterations like the Iberian Eggs Benedict or the Royale Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Chef's Bagel with scrambled eggs, Three whites Omelette, Classic Omelettes, Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs or simply fried/scrambled eggs with tomatoes, toast and butter.


The selection of pancakes is limited, only to two types, but both of them are definitely delicious. You can enjoy them plain or with banana and top them with jam, sugar or syrup. For a healthier alternative, you could enjoy granola with locally produced fresh greek yoghurt and fresh fruits, or acai, also with fresh greek yoghurt, sia seeds and granola. The porridge is also pretty delicious made with toasted almonds, coconut shavings, honey, fruit and coconut milk.

Fan of the simple? Try one of the two toast types like the French toast with fresh berries and syrup, or the Avocado toast with poached egg, mashed avocado, and optional chilli flakes. The seasonal fruit plate is a must-try, featuring fresh fruits taken from the farmers market at Praca da Ribeira. To wash it all down, you can enjoy various types of coffee, hot chocolate, a selection of teas, a choice of Santiago juices, or even the renowned cocktail Bloody Mary.

Lunching, Dining & Cocktail-ing at Audrey's!

Audrey's Restaurant isn't only about breakfast, but your entire day's meals. Both lunch and dinner at Audrey's share a common menu. Get the munchies with a selection of couvert, including cured Iberian Ham, Portuguese traditional cheese from Azeitao, and other two options. 

The menu includes two types of soups, fish and seafood, meat, and vegetarian and vegan dishes. As accompaniments, you can enjoy various starters like carpaccio with truffle oil and capers or garlic prawns with garlic and red chili, as well as fresh salads like Caprese, Nicoise, or even a warm salad with quinoa, roasted vegetables, avocado and poached egg.

If you crave for some meat, you can enjoy from a humble Santiago Hamburger up to a super luxurious (and delicious) fillet mignon. The fish and seafood are plenty and they are all rich in flavor and aroma. You can go safe by choosing the salmon fillet stuffed with bacon jelly, veggies and potatoes, or you could go for the flavor-packed Indian Goan style prawn curry with coconut milk served with naan bread.

Either case, your lunches and dinners at Audrey's will be absolutely gorgeous. The perfect conclusion to your meals would be a classic cocktail like the Mojito, or the Caipirinha, or you could enjoy a glass of good wine.

A place you can call home

When staying at Santiago de Alfama Boutique Hotel, it's quite obvious that you will never complain about food. But, what about accommodation? The hotel radiates a home-like feeling with a cozy atmosphere that will help you relax and unwind. All rooms feature a clean, minimal design with some small touches of luxury.

The suites are uniquely designed, standing out for their unique design and facilities. Special props to the Deluxe King Bedroom and its stunning wall behind the bed that's made of tiles. For stunning panoramic views of the city, opt for the luxurious Santiago Suite. The suite boasts a superb view over Lisbon's colorful cityscape, as well as a freestanding bath inside the bedroom area where you can enjoy the view while relaxing!

Don't waste any more time and start planning your Lisbon trip by   checking prices directly at the hotel here, or discover thoroughly the property by visiting its website here.