If you are planning to visit Beijing in the future we suggest that you stay in the very heart of the city. Being able to wander around downtown Beijing, explore the Tian’anmen Square and visit the Forbidden City in walking distance from your hotel room is priceless. One of the top central Beijing Hotels is the unique five-star “Sunworld Dynasty Hotel”. The Hotel is situated in our favorite part of the city centre, in an area called Dongcheng and particularly in Wangfujing Avenue.

Dongcheng is the ideal choice for travelers who are interested in the city’s history and love to spend their time sightseeing and visiting monuments and different museums. The “Sunworld Dynasty Hotel” offers 395 newly renovated and luxurious rooms, and since its opening in 1990 it accommodates guests who visit Beijing for leisure and/or business.

One of the perks of staying in downtown Beijing is the easy access to many shops and restaurants. In order to enjoy your trip to the fullest we recommend that you try the local cuisine and taste the traditional Chinese dishes.

Around the hotel you will find delicious plates at the most amazing restaurants in town, and within the hotel’s facilities you’ll be able to discover two of the best restaurants in Beijing. “Royal Chinese” is there to serve you a plethora of Cantonese and Northern Chinese dishes, while “Dynasty Plaza” will be your go-to restaurant for your breakfast during your entire stay.

The “Dynasty Plaza” offers the option to choose from Asian specialties or European dishes and decide between a la carte or buffet breakfast.  The dreamy atmosphere of the restaurant’s luxurious halls is the cherry on top of an already unique food experience.

Let’s discover together the special dishes and most delicious breakfast of “Sunworld Dynasty Hotel”!

The buffet breakfast

The “Dynasty Plaza” restaurant serves an international buffet composed of cold and hot dishes from both Asian and European cuisine. In addition, you will find a great selection of pastries and beverages to accompany your breakfast. 

The Cold Kitchen

If you are craving a cold breakfast, the “Dynasty Plaza” has got you covered with a variety of cold dishes, such as salads, fruits and appetizers. You can start by trying some of the seasonal mixed greens, such as button or red coral lettuce, along with one of the many different dressings, for example balsamic or French dressing. Salads are at the core of every cold kitchen menu, and at “Dynasty Plaza” you can enjoy a variety of different plates, such as duck breast salad with pineapples or potato or Waldorf salad. Don’t forget to have a taste of the smoked salmon, too!

The restaurant’s cold kitchen features a great selection of international dishes. The buffet includes a variety of cold cuts and charcuterie, such as lyoner, beer, chicken or Harbin red sausages and salami, accompanied by condiments. Don’t forget to try the international cheese board, where you will find different kinds of cheese (ex. Brie, Edam, cheddar or Swiss Emmental) with crackers.

The cold selection of the buffet wouldn’t be complete without fresh fruits, compotes and jams. Last but certainly not least, the cereal selection of the buffet will definitely please every preference.

✩ Combine plain or flavored yogurt with fresh fruit and cereal for a fulfilling breakfast!

The Hot Kitchen

Now that you had a taste of the cold kitchen, you can imagine that the Hot Kitchen will be equally delightful.The hot dishes are inspired by the Western and Asian cuisine. On one hand, you can find a full English breakfast with

baked beans, bacon, sautéed cherry tomatoes, fried mushrooms, eggs and toast.

On the other hand, you can enjoy a traditional Chinese breakfast with congee (coarse cereal porridge) with soy or soybean milk, dim sums, wontons or five different types of noodles. However, your choices don’t end here.

The Western section of the hot kitchen offers a great selection of cooked meats, such as pork or chicken sausages, as well as an egg station where you can order your eggs cooked in any style. The Asian section also has different snacks and eight kinds of pickles.

✩ If you want to explore the Asian cuisine and taste the traditional Asian breakfast, we suggest that you try different types of noodles and dim sums for every morning of your stay!

Pastry and Bakery

For those of you who prefer a sweeter breakfast, the pastry section of the buffet will be a dream!

Have your pick of croissants, muffins, doughnuts and Danish pastries. In this section, you will also find all types of bread, such as baguette, Swiss or walnut bread, which you can put together with any of the cold cuts mentioned previously. Waffles and pancakes complete the bakery section, and can be served with maple syrup or chocolate sauce.

Adjust the pastries to your preferences: if you crave something sweet, choose among the chocolate croissants, the fruits flavored pastries or the banana bread. If you want to taste the pastries but prefer a more savory breakfast, choose the plain croissant and combine it with cold meats and cheese.

À la carte breakfast

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of food available at the buffet, you can take advantage of the à la carte service offered at the hotel “Sunworld Dynasty”. The à la carte breakfast is available from 6am to 11 am, and has nine different options:

  1. A full American breakfast that consists of juice, freshly brewed coffee, tea or milk, with a selection of homemade pastries, jams, savory condiments and a fresh fruits plate. You can also try the egg dishes in any style you like with vegetables, cheese and sausages.

  2. A continental breakfast with beverages and a selection of freshly made pastries is also available on the menu, as well as a separate option called “from the baker” which includes a basket filled with pastries.

  3. If you prefer to have a lighter breakfast, then you can choose between the seasonal fruit platter, the traditional pancakes or waffles served with fresh berries and the cereals and yogurt with hot porridge.

  4. For those who want to taste a more traditional breakfast, there is the Chinese breakfast which comes with juice, tea, your choice of fish or meat with dim sums and fried noodles. Another great option would be the Chinese Congee and noodles.

✩ Try the restaurant’s signature dish which is the Dynasty beef soup with handmade noodles and vegetables.