There are people interested in travel whereas others do not. However, those interested in agree that Australia is one of the places you should visit during your lifetime. However, the question should be about what you are going to do. Australia is spread over six states, and two territories have some of the world’s incredible wonders. We are talking about the Barrier Reef as well as Uluru, cosmopolitan cities and more than 500 national parks. As such, there is so much you can do in Australia and to help you do that, we have prepared a backlist of things you can start with. 

Visiting the capital city

When you mention Australia, the first thing that comes to the minds of the people in Sydney, especially the iconic Opera House and Harbor Bridge. The two have been iconic tourist attractions and attracts both the people who live and visiting Australia. As such, it should be on your bucket list. More so, there are beaches, museums, botanical gardens and so much more than you can get within Sydney. If you are planning to have a cruise experience then you can check with Sydney Princess charter cruises during your visit there.

Visit the Blue Mountains

Photo by Ben Warren on Unsplash

Over the longest time, the ancient sandstone has weathered into gorges that are characterised by cliffs separated by narrow ridges. When visiting Blue Mountains National Park, you can see the Three Sisters rock formation, especially during sunsets or evening floodlights. You can also hike the paths that give you excellent views of the valley, rock walls, tumbling waterfalls, and pristine forests.

Visit Fraser Island

Photo by Frankie Dixon on Unsplash

Fraser Island is arguably the biggest sand island on the planet and has become more popular among backpackers. You can explore this place using different ways, but the most popular one is the tag-along tour. This is where you join a group of 20 travellers, and in groups of six and seven, you can drive yourselves around the sandy island as you follow your guide. You will visit different fantastic places as you drive along the sandy beaches like the wreck of the S.S Maheno as well as Lake McKenzie.

A road trip in the great ocean road

Photo by Alex Rhee on Unsplash

If you are visiting the south-east coast of Australia, the Great Ocean Road is a must-do activity. With your friends and some snacks and some road tunes, you can jump into the vehicle and head to this Australian National Heritage 243 kilometre stretch. It stretches from Melbourne and snakes its way along the coast. You will encounter great towns and viewpoints. You will also go through the Port Campbell National park.

Dining under the stars at Uluru

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You can watch the sunset and get a never-before experience overlooking Uluru as well as the distant domes of Kata Tjuta. While at it you will also listen to stories by the campfire. Tali Wiru or the beautiful dune runs four times a week from April to Mid-October. You can get hotel transfers an hour before the sunset.

Scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef

Scuba diving here will give you a completely new experience because the reef is one of the most dreamlike places you will ever see whether on land or the sea. There are colourful corals and sparkling fish. You might even encounter a couple of sea turtles.

So, if you are a trip enthusiast and you plan to visit the land down under, you have lost of activities to put on your bucket list. Visit different cities and get a great experience from the locals. It can make a very good travel diary, and you will not regret it. There are a plethora of activities to do there, and the above ones are just the pointers.