Mykonos is a popular destination amongst gay and lesbian travelers, especially during summer! A place which contains the Beauty of a Greek Island, the gorgeous Cycladic Architecture and the Deep Blue of the Aegean Sea. All that in addition to a gay friendly community, create the ideal environment for your Gay Holidays and Sunbathing. We decided to collect the Top 5 Gay Beaches, just to lure you to the heaven of Mykonos this summer! 

Elia Beach 

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Elia is the largest beach of south Mykonos and Is located about 10 kilometers away from the town of Mykonos. It is considered a glamorous beach that is preferred by celebrities and fancy people. The beach has separate gay & nudist areas. You can easily find the gay side of the beach, by locating the flag next to the water sports facility. It’s a costly choice, since sunbeds, restaurants and all amenities are not cheap, but it is worth it.

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Super Paradise

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A former exclusive gay beach, is now popular to both gay & straight travelers and locals. Still a gay favorite, Super Paradise is a must-go destination when spending your holidays in Mykonos. A lively place, really close to the famous JackieO’s Beach Club and many Gay Hot Spots, generally getting busy during lunchtime.

Agrari Beach

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Located next to Elia Beach, Agrari is located over a scenic rocky spot. Organized with sunbeds, shades, a lifeguard and an excellent beach restaurant, it’s ideal for spending the day. It’s usually less crowded than the first two beaches, so it is ideal if you prefer a more peaceful environment.

Paranga Beach

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A gay friendly spot, that is preferred by gay sunbathers that seek a quiet and cheaper beach option, which still attracts many guys. Paranga rocky beach with popular Gay cruising around its premises.

Kalafatis Beach

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Kalafatis is one of the longest sandy beaches on the island of Mykonos. An idyllic spot with pine trees behind the sand, featuring restaurants and sun loungers at both ends of the coastline. The central area is free for those who prefer their own umbrella and a quiet spot. Ideal for wind surfing, while rental equipment is available as well.

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