Playa Del Carmen is a very beautiful and exotic seaside town situated across the Caribbean Sea. Considering Mexico's high level of gay acceptance, it is thought to be one of the most gay friendly beach towns. The locals are very friendly and kind people and they know how to behave to the LGBT community. The exotic gay beaches and the vivid gay nightlife surely make it a major gay hotspot in Mexico which is the reason why it attracts thousands of gay people every year!

Gay Aspects

The aspects that make Playa Del Carmen an excellent destination for gay and lesbian travellers are:

  1. The Liberal and Gay Friendly Character of the city.
  2. The friendly and welcoming locals
  3. The wide range of gay friendly hotels and resorts
  4. The amazing gay clubs and bars
  5. The exotic gay beaches
Gay Playa del Carmen

Gay Scene in Playa del Carmen

Gay Hotspots. The whole city of Playa Del Carmen could be considered a gay hotspot because it attracts several thousands of gay people annually. The hotspots of the city that attract most of the gay people are:

Gay Beaches. One of the city's strong points are the marvelous exotic beaches with crystal clear waters and golden sand. What's better than combining this natural beauty with the company of several hot guys in their swimsuits? The most famous gay beaches are: Xangrila, Coco beach and Mamitas beach

Gay Clubs & Bars. Spend your nights having fun in the amazing gay bars and clubs of Playa Del Carmen! Get ready for a crazy and sexy adventure under the starry night sky. The most famous gay bars & clubs are: Playa 69 and La cueva del Maya T
X-Mahan-Nah addresses strictly to the gay audience. You can either get a relaxing massage by sexy guy or join an extremely hot sauna with the company of other guys!

Gay Beaches

There are 3 beaches in Playa Del Carmen which attract mainly gay & lesbian people and these are:

Mamitas Beach is at the north side of Mamita's beach club. It might not look like a gay beach from the first sight, but don't get discouraged because it is. Get ready to meet several hot gay guys and girls!

The beach in front of Playacar neighborhood attracts also many gay people. It is a very wide beach which offers excellent swimming conditions! It's the best choice if you don't like big crowds and you want to relax!

The Gay Beach of Playa Del Carmen can be reached by Camino a Playas de X-angrila 112 road. This place is really cruisy and you should visit it if you want a more naughty adventure. We recommend you to visit it in the evening because the nearby beaches gather many families with kids, so you won't have much privacy

Gay Accommodation

There are not any exclusively gay hotels or resorts in Playa Del Carmen, but you will able to find several gay friendly ones which will treat you the best way possible. These gay frienldy hotels can range from cheap and simple to luxurious and all inclusive.

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Single Gay Travellers

Playa Del Carmen is an amazing gay hotspot which gives its gay guests many types of entertainment, so it's no wonder why it is so famous among the gay & lesbian single travelers. It's a tropical city which resides by the Caribbean Sea, that's why it has some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico.

The natural beauty alongside with the liberal and gay friendly character of the city make it the perfect gay hotspot. Do you want to spend your vacations peacefully and take a break of your daily routine or live a very crazy adventure while meeting many gay people? Either way, Playa Del Carmen will surely keep up to your expectations!