Also referred to as the "Land of the Gods", Bali is widely popular for its breathtaking landscapes, lush tropical rain-forests, ancient-old temples, and breathtaking white-sand beaches. The locals are distinguished for their friendliness, while they are highly influenced by the Javanese culture— their lives are almost centered around religion. Overall, you will notice a calm and laid-back atmosphere even at the biggest town of Bali, Denpasar.

Balinese are simple people. They are still unfamiliar with the gay lifestyle, but they will respect your privacy and treat you well as their guests. The local gay community is out and open but most of the locals tend to follow a discreet lifestyle. The best season to socialize with other people is during Bali's peak season, from July to August.

The gay nightlife of Bali is centered on Seminyak, so, if you are planning to discover the island's gay life, you have to pick a hotel in that area. Located only 5 minutes walking from Bali's main gay bars, Blue Karma Seminyak stands out for its gay-friendly attitude and advanced facilities.

A Gay-Friendly Hotel next to Bali's Gay Nightlife!

Lying in the heart of Bali, Blue Karma Resort Seminyak will surely seduce you with its superb location, as it is situated in a walking distance from the gay life of Bali as well as a wide range of shops, restaurants and, of course, a beach — no wonder why it's branded as a lifestyle resort.

Blue Karma Resort comprises of 9 luxurious villas which can host couples, friends or even families. All of the rooms excel in design and aesthetics, while offering great facilities and services that ensure your most comfortable stay. All of the lower villas offer direct access to the pool, while some of the upper ones feature their own private terrace. All of them will give you an equally premium staying experience, so it's only up to you and your preferences!

The Suite Bedroom is Blue Karma Resort's standard room, however, you will notice that it is not standard at all considering the facilities and services it features. As soon as you enter the room, you will be surprised by the room's spaciousness, excellent design and aesthetics.

For gay families or larger groups of friends, the 4 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom Villas will do the work. They are both packed with luxurious facilities and services, while their private terrace will host many of your afternoons in Bali!

Gay Nightlife in Bali; Where the Fun Begins!

Bali's vivid but small gay night scene is centered around Jalan Camplung Tanduk street. Every night the streets seduces local gay men and foreigners, who are in search of a cozy evening cocktail or a steam-hot go-go dancing show.

Bali Joe is currently the most popular bar in Bali and it's reputed for its cute go-go dancers and popular drag shows. Even if it's not the cheapest bar in Bali, it's worthy of its money! You can check out the route from the hotel by clicking here!

Mixwell Bar is another gay-popular venue, located right next to Bali Joe. It attracts gay locals and tourists equally, while it gets pretty crowded from 11 pm to 2 am. See the bar's distance from the hotel by clicking here!

Bottoms Up Bar is also located nearby Bali Joe, and it's a great venue to enjoy hilarious drag shows, sexy go-go dancers' shows as well as a shower show that is surely going to make you blush. The bar gets busy after 11 pm. Check out the bar's distance from the hotel here!

Potato Head Beach Club might not be an exclusively gay venue, but your Balinese experience would not be complete if you didn't visit this venue. See the route from the hotel by clicking here!

The nights in Bali are all about partying and the days are all about exploring . Bali has such a rich culture and so many great natural landscapes that even a lifetime would not suffice to fully explore it. In short, you are going to find breathtaking rice terraces, exotic beaches with crystal-clear waters, sacred ancient temples, and lush monkey forests.

The Most Popular Gay Beach in Bali!

Batu Belig Beach is located at the boarders of Seminyak, and it's the only beach with a gay section on the island. The easiest way to this beach is via Jalan Batu Belig, and it's  about 18 mins away from the hotel by car.  If you want to avoid driving and tolerate large beach crowds, head off to the Double Six Beach, about 10 minutes away walking from the hotel.

The worldwide famous Kuta Beach might be considered a tourist trap but its high popularity should not discourage you from visiting it. The beach's white sand and crystal-clear blue waters will surprise you. The best part? It is only 40 minutes driving from the hotel. In case you are not fond of big crowds, then you should head to Balangan Beach, whose beauty has made it a photo-shooting for many wedding photographers (See the route from the hotel to the beach here).

Food so that you will never feel hungry!

Bali is one of the very few destinations in Indonesia that features its own food culture. Balinese cuisine might be based on the Indonesian food tradition, but most of the dishes on the island are prepared in such a unique way, that the taste is so different that the you will feel like you are tasting a different dish.

Like in every Asian country, every Balinese dish is usually paired with steam rice. The local recipes are enriched with all kinds of spices like galangal, shallots, garlic, turmeric, etc., as well as an 8-spice mixture of white pepper, black pepper, coriander, cumin, clove, nutmeg, sesame seed and candle-nut.

The hotel's main restaurant is a great option if you want to stay nearby Seminyak's gay scene. It offers a great selection of Asian cuisine, as well as some international dishes like burgers, etc. Hibiscus is another superb restaurant that stands out for its Asian fusion cuisine and gay-friendly attitude. KU DE TA is the most popular gay-friendly bar/restaurant in Bali, offering a delicious gourmet menu with an international Mediterranean twist.

Sightseeing & Exploration

Staying in   Blue Karma Resort in Seminyak, located in the heart of Seminyak, will surely allow you to do many activities without the need of a car. However, if you are planning to discover the most popular attractions in Bali, you should hire a vehicle and get prepared for lots of driving.

Your exploration of Bali must surely include a visit at the ancient Ubud Monkey Forest, the breathtaking Tegallalang Rice Terraces, the ancient Tanah Lot temple, and the famous Goa Gajah caved, reputed for its ancient carvings.

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