So, it’s that time of the year when your boss has finally announced your upcoming annual Christmas leave and you are panicking because you have not arranged anything. Finding where to spend your Christmas was complicated enough, but also having to pick your hotel? So many decisions with so little time, it's almost impossible to make the right choice.

This is why we have created this special guide that will show to you how to pick your hotel when everything else seems to be falling apart. Let's discover the top things to be aware of if you want to make the best of your Christmas holidays in a Hotel.   

1. Find Events organized by the Hotel!

Leave rooms and prices aside, this is the most important aspect of a hotel in Christmas. If a hotel schedules many events, it means that it pays special attention to Christmas, and most probably its decoration. Also, choosing a hotel with many events means that you will can fill in the blanks of your holidays with fun things to do in the hotel.

2. Check out the Hotel's Social Media!

So, you have found a hotel that seems to be the best deal at the moment, and you are one step before booking... Don't. Before booking at a hotel, make sure to check out its social media, as well as the latest reviews of the latest month to see what's the atmosphere like in the hotel. It's actually Christmas after all, we all need that joyful atmosphere anywhere we are going.

3. Eyes open for Christmas Offers!

Christmas means presents, celebrations and,of course, offers. Most of the hotels nowadays put special christmas offers that can reach up to 50% reduction. Also, keep in mind that you will also find many special packages. Special packages could include a full stay with Christmas and New Year's Eve Dinners included. A massage would also be welcomed, huh? ;)

4. Don't go for the cheapest choice!

Renting an apartment is pretty popular these days, especially after Airbnb got so popular, however, Christmas are the only holidays that picking a hotel is essential. After all, Christmas is all about the events, decoration and presents, and the first two, you will most probably not find in a common apartment.

These are pretty much the 4 tips that you must have in mind before choosing the right Christmas hotel for you. In case you have anything else to add, please let us know and we may include it in our next year list.

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