Dreaming and planning are probably the best parts of your holidays, however, the amount of information you get, can often lead to a "content jet lag". Especially when it comes to choosing a hotel, you come across the task of exploring numerous websites that promise to help you find the ideal property, among thousands of Hotel Prices, Photos and Reviews! But lets admit it: even if Price is important, holidays is the most valuable time of the year, and your investment in "memory creation" is really worth it. So, if you are eager to put the Price factor aside and seek for more reasons to choose a hotel, you should look nowhere else than the factor of 'inspiration'! 

Google lists Dreaming & Planning as two of the "five stages of travel" (Dreaming - Planning - Booking - Experiencing - Sharing), and, with the growth of social media - and especially Instagram, that has become a stop-over channel for travellers looking for a hotel, the creation of stunning and original Photo & Video Material for a hotel is a modern necessity that can significantly affect the travellers' final choice. Google's view about the travel procedure is also important when it comes to Sharing, where the hotel's high-quality visual material is even more important.

All the above seem to be very familiar to a luxury hotel chain in Santorini, "The Canaves Oia Collection", which, in order to inspire its guests, has created two spectacular videos. The videos present the two aspects of the philosophy and ambiance that travellers are expected to live in the chain's hotels as well as in the destination itself! And why do we present these videos? Because they clearly show the change that must be done in hotel marketing, in order to enhance your travelling experience even during the procedure of planning! Travellers need unique images and a promise for relaxation, pampering & fun; during the planning procedure, all these should be a visual treat, that will help them make their final decision!

In this article, you can watch the two amazing videos created by the team of "The Canaves Oia Collection", in collaboration with one of the top Film Production Companies, "NEEDaFIXER". Keep an eye on the second video, which has been awarded the "Gold Tourism Film Award" in the Cannes Festival. Both videos have also been also presented in Hotelier Academy as "hotel industry case studies", generating thousands of views and becoming among the most successful hotel videos in the world.

Being one of the most advanced digital Hotel Content Creators & Distributors, Travel by Interest will choose and present really exceptional examples of Hotel Material, that inspires travellers to choose the right hotel that matches their personal interests & tastes! 

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VIDEO 1: A Cinematic Narration amongst the breathtaking Santorinian Landscape

In their first Video, Canaves Oia focused on creating a more emotional and cinematic presentation of the experience at the destination. With a specific hotel being the reference point of the story, a big cast of local characters, like the old lady in black and the smiley-eyed children, represent Santorini's micro-society. The video records a series of unique experiences that the leading figure lives in the destination, proving that, even if the video was made to promote a hotel, it focuses on describing the destination experience, and makes the property an integral part of the place "Where Time Stops".

VIDEO 2: A "Hotel Musical" starring the hotel staff, delivers a fun story!

The Second Video of Canaves Oia, is a completely different case. Music made by various sounds of the hotel, and a hotel staff with a pure Hollywood-star quality, create a fun musical that explains in just two minutes why "Luxury Never Sounded so Good". The original choreography of the Canaves Staff, including the owners and high-level management executives, gives a solid promise to travellers about what they should expect to live during their holidays. The video shows that everyone at Canaves Oia has the time of their life, experiencing not just a simple service, but a complete hospitality experience. Of course, the stunning views of Canaves Oia remain as the impressive setting of the story that leads to a unique hotel video.

Two Videos, Two Stories

In both videos, the special concept is to emphasize the parts that make the experience at Canaves Oia different, and make us dream of staying there at least once (or coming back if we have already stayed in the past). In 2019, with a vast overdose of online travel-related content, we are in need of things that will inspire and trigger us to dream of a particular experience, for which the hotels that stand out will be the setting for our perfect holidays!