Wine, is a beverage many of us love, enjoy and connect with memories! Variates of this delight differ from place to place, having unique flavors depending on grounds and harvests. Planning your trip to Greece, in particular to Crete? Well then, it’s a perfect opportunity to visit one - or many - of the best Cretan Wineries! Take advantage of them and shop some local wine varieties to bring back home, or go on a Wine Tasting tour for some gastronomy experience! Let us suggest you some of the renown wineries of Crete you should know, in case you are planning to engage with some wine shopping, tasting or both: 

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Located in Alagni, Heraklion Crete (Check the Map), Lyrarakis is a family winery that offers a wide range of tours and packages you can choose from! They are known to have ‘rescued’ many rare local varieties throughout of time, but are also producing single variety wines. The tasting & vinery tours vary; some of them are accompanied with local food, or even with Wine Tasting Seminars.


A few kilometers outside south of Heraklion, heading to ‘Dafnes’ village you already have started your wine experience, as you see the viticultural character that this place has.The friendly hosts will guide you through the Vineyard, as you taste flavors produced in the region. Find the coordinates to this scenic village, and start your trip!


A winery that you will find at Chania region (Check Google Maps for the exact location), not only offers a range of single variety wines, but features the ‘Terroir’ products. Terroir include extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and other local products that you can take back home! Another product is ‘tsikoudia’, a drink made of Roussanne grapes used not only as an aperitif but for therapy as well, according to local beliefs of its healing effects. Definitely give that a try!


In the mountainous village of Alicambos is a special place to pick up your wine, or to have your tasting experience. Made of stone, this winery has its own identity, standing out in between the mountains. The most interesting detail is that one side of the Cellar is not built, but borders directly with the mountain, maintaining moisture essential for natural wines. This astonishing place is not that easy to find, so make sure you check out the directions and coordinates first, or seek for advice from the locals.

Silva Daskalaki

A family winery, the members of which will be more than happy to show you how the wine is made and moreover inform you all about the idea behind every taste and flavor. A distinguished winery, that has won multiple awards throughout the years and is known for its organic farming nature. You will find Silva Daskalaki's winery in the traditional village of 'Siva'.


A winery you can visit the day you’ve planned to see Knossos. Since these two are just few kilometers apart (Check Google Coordinates here), it’s a nice way to have a full day by combining them. Boutari’s winery has a great introduction video before any tour, which informs travelers about the wine history of Crete, a great way to start your wine experience! Moreover, you can book and stay directly in this residence here, or, explore different options and hotels in Crete!

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