There are a few lucky people in this world who know exactly what and how to pack before a trip. Either travelling for business or leisure, they are the baggage pros and folding t-shirts masters! But, let’s face it: most of us are not like those people and we usually end up with eight outfits for a weekend break but without a toothbrush!

Do you think you can become a truly Organized Traveller for your Summer Holidays this year? Let’s try to help you with a few basic packing tips:

1. Make a List 

How to Pack like a Pro! | Travel by Interest
Photo Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters

This is probably the most essential part and you should not avoid it. We tend to over-pack for our holidays, mainly because we don’t list the things we actually need to take with us. So, to avoid gazing at your wardrobe and grabbing random items that you will most probably not going to wear during your trip (and, sometimes, not going to wear EVER again), a list of the necessities will guide you through.over-pack for our holidays, mainly because we don’t list the things we actually need to take with us. So, to avoid gazing at your wardrobe and grabbing random items that you will most probably not going to wear during your trip (and, sometimes, not going to wear EVER again), a list of the necessities will guide you through.

Extra Hint: Create your list a couple of days earlier, so that you have plenty of time to think of all the things you are going to need. After your trip, don’t throw the list away, but re-visit it any time you travel and make the necessary changes according to the season and the destination.

2. Start with the essentials

Start with the essentials | Travel by Interest
Photo Credit: Thomas Martinsen

The essentials are the easy part since you are not lingering between fashion choices, colours and styles – what you need is what you need! Socks & underwear, phone/laptop/tablet chargers, toothbrush, toothpaste and any other necessary toiletries must be on the top of your list.

Extra Hint: Pack as many socks and underwear as your vacation days — plus two extra pairs. As for toiletries, you can purchase travel size packages or special travel bottles and fill them with your favorite products. Another choice is to purchase toiletries when arriving at the destination.

3. Smart with the cords

Smart with the cords | Travel by Interest
Photo Credit: Oscar Nilsson

When it comes to electronic devices, things can get a bit complicated. Laptops, tablets, chargers, cords, extra batteries, camera, lenses, etc. Think ahead and count the days, to decide if you actually need to have all of your equipment with you. Maybe you can use your phone to check on work and friends updates, and your laptop is just extra weight? And if you are a photography-lover, maybe pick a couple of the most-used lenses (i.g. for landscape shots) and skip the extra fancy ones?

Extra Hint: A gadget that every traveller appreciates is a Travel Adapter / Multicharger. Definitely a must!

4. Categorization

 Categorization | Travel by Interest
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To make it easier when packing and unpacking, you can use packing cubes, and arrange your bags in a way that will let you know exactly where everything is. So, if you are looking for something particular, you won’t have to make a mess of your already packed bag!

Extra Hint: Have a few extra packing cubes with you to use for your dirty laundry or even for new additions to the bag, like gifts for friends and family!

5. Outfits: It’s all about comfort!

Outfits: It’s all about comfort! | Travel by Interest
Photo Credit: Angelina Litvin

This is the most tricky Summer packing tip of all: we all want to look great during our vacations, but also feel comfortable and stylish. So, here are a few useful tips for functional clothing items:

  • Swimsuits
    We know that you absolutely adore your new patterned swimsuit, but take a plain-colored with you too. You don’t want to look the same in every picture, right? As for the ladies, a great trick is to have a few bikini tops and bottoms, that all match in different combos. This way, you can create lots of different pool & beach looks, with just a couple of items.
  • What to wear?
    Talking about your summer outfits, basics are here to save you! A nude or navy blue pair of shorts, can be worn with flip-flops and a tee, or with a pair of boat shoes and a shirt. Furthermore, a simple skirt can be combined with many accessories and create different looks. Generally, pick basic bottoms, and prefer shirts and tank tops which are easier to pack and take less space.
  • Accessories is the key
    You will need a pair of UV sunglasses for the beach — but one that won’t make you cry if it ends up in the ocean. Save your more fancy, designer pair for your morning stroll or sightseeing. Plus, this is another clever way to look different on each photo. And don’t forget your hats (if you don’t know how to pack a hat, just watch the below video).
  • Right shoes can take you to right places
    Since you are travelling during summer, you will most probably visit beaches, so a pair of flip flops is a must for these hot days on the beach. You will also need a pair of shoes that you can wear on an evening walk or on-board planes and ferries, where the air-conditioning can get extra cold.

Extra Hint:  Pack light and smart. By having few things and not over-exaggerating, you will feel extra relaxed before and during your trip. 

6. All the rest

How to Pack | Travel by Interest
Photo Credit: Damir Bosnjak

Last but not least, there are all those little things that you actually don’t need to survive but are necessary to make your trip special for you. For example, that huge flamingo floating mattress is definitely not an essential, but if there is some place left, then go for it! After all, you made such a good job packing, that a small (or bigger) exception, can be accepted!

Extra Hint: If your holiday itinerary includes long flights or ferry boat routes, grab a book, a pair of headphones or even your portable device to watch a movie during the route.