There is no better way to understand the travellers' interests for a destination than their hotel-oriented searches in Google. So, for this week, TBI Hotel Experts decided to research the latest hotels trends about Spain uncovering the country’s high potentiality in a range of different audiences and niche markets. 

It is quite common for TBI Hotel Expert during their research about destinations to encounter searches concerning accommodation about families and kids, but it is the first time that “Family” seems to be a trademark for a whole country. In their latest research about Spain, they discovered more that 40 different terms, such as “top family hotels in spain”, “family hotels in spain near the beach”, “mainland spain family resorts” that indicate the demand for family hotels, especially when terms like “resorts in spain for couples” appear in a smaller volume and frequency. That does not mean, though that we do not come across with the usual and all-time-classic keywords like “spain beach resorts”, “5 star hotels in spain”,  “all-inclusive hotels spain”  and “luxury hotels spain” that always appear high-listed on people’s choices.

As in all the Mediterranean Destinations, so as in Spain, terms like “golf resorts spain”, “boutique hotels spain” and “castle hotels in spain” are gaining thousands of searches through the year, showing the peculiarity of destinations like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, that share some common characteristics and searches. Of course, not all travelers tend to be specific in their searches, so keywords like “nice hotels spain”, “quiet hotels in spain” and “beautiful villas in spain” appear among the trends.

Last but not least, the results show that Madrid is the top destination to stay in Spain, followed by Seville, Granada and Toledo. The demand about Spanish destinations is not limited only to the popular ones. Throughout the report we find searches about destinations like Cordoba, Cartagena, Cadiz, Burgos, Zaragoza and many more that indicates that travelers do not follow a specific destination-trend, but they are exploring Spain to the fullest by searching about more alternative destinations.

What TBI did for travellers in Spain?

After studying the searches, we created several Hotel Collections about Spain including hotels that match the criteria of each interest and trend, helping travellers find the hotel that fits better with their needs! Of course, travellers can always book directly with the hotels at the best rates and get instant availability.

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