We live with them, include them in our families, make room for them, talk our secrets and pour our hearts out to them, and also miss work if they fall sick. Well, we love them. Wholeheartedly. It is not only us who love them, but they also know how to make their way into our lives and hearts. 

When it comes to pets, it does not matter if you rely on them for emotional support, or even the thought of leaving them while you go on vacation scares you because most of the airlines are willing to accommodate pets onboard. Well, sending your furry friend in the belly of an airplane can be a tough task. 

Besides considering the fact that they need to travel too, it is essential to make sure that they travel safe and comfortable. 

You, of course, do not have to worry about that anymore. This article will take you on the run down to some of the best pet-friendly travel airlines of 2020. 

So, go ahead and choose the one you like the most for your little munchkin. 

#1. American Airlines- Purr-Fect for the Cuddle Class 

Image source: bringfido

Before talking about American Airlines, let us not ignore the fact that America is a country where pets are loved deeply. Americans have a massive thing for pets, and according to a report published by the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 2 million pets travel by plane each year. 

To put it straight, American Airlines is probably the most pet-friendly airlines. Also, they have taken travel experience for their pets to a whole another level by creating the “cuddle class” right next to their owner’s seat. 

So, the next time you are traveling with your pup or kitty, American Airlines is all you need to give them a comfortable flying experience. 

#2. Hawaiian Airlines- Welcoming Service Animals 

Image source: hawaiianaircargo

Veterinarian’s Money Digest named Hawaiian Airlines the best airline for pets in 2018, and it allows dogs, cats, and even household birds to travel safely and comfortably. You also get an option to bring your pet along in the passenger cabin if they can fit under the seat in front of you or even as check-in baggage as long as they weigh under 70lbs. 

The airline is open to trained service animals and emotional & psychiatric support animals on the aircraft, provided they meet the airlines' condition of not showing aggressive behavior and not creating any other kind of disruption. 

#3. Southwest Airlines- The BOGO Service 

Image source: dallasnews

Southwest Airlines hopped into the BOGO (buy one get one) policy and allowed its passengers to carry two pets in a pet carrier at the price of one. Besides this, the airlines allow its passengers to take cremated pet remains onboard (under certain conditions). Well, no doubt this is a great sentiment, and this service works in the best interest of the people hoping to spread their loved one’s memory in a particular place. 

#4. Allegiant Air- Same as Southwest (Slightly Expensive) 

Image source: barkpost

Allegiant Air offers the same BOGO option to its passengers but at a slightly higher price as compared to Southwest Airlines. Well, the airlines allow large pet carriers whereas Southwest Airlines allow slightly smaller pet carriers and this makes it up for a bit higher fees. 

Well, the airlines do not allow big dogs, thus making it perfect for the tiny ones. 

#5. JetBlue Airlines- Extra Points for Your Pet 

Image source: jetblue

Not only is Jetblue an affordable and pet-friendly airline, but it also gives its members an additional 300 points for their flight. Well, the airline is a win-win because, in addition to being pet-friendly and economical and offering 300 extra points, you may also buy an exclusive pet carrier specially made for traveling on JetBlue flights. 

The airlines also have a unique program for pets named JetPaws program with many tips including information about making reservations, keeping your baby calm mid-air, location for your pets to relieve themselves. 

#6. Alaska Airlines- Understanding You Well 

Only we understand how attached we may get to our pets, but do our airlines do so? Well, in that case, Alaska Airlines does. 

A flight attendant will hand you a card after your dog has safely boarded the plane (if you check your dog into kennel), ensuring that he is in the right flight and not on the wrong one. Well, one of the best things about Alaska Airlines is that it is a great one for the “unusual pets” including pigs, household birds, rabbits, hamsters and many more. 

Also, it costs the same amount of money to take a pet in the cabin as it does to check them in. 

#7. Air Canada Airlines- 

Image source: westjet

Being one of the reputed airlines, Air Canada is all hearts to small cats and dogs when it comes to traveling with pets. Well, the airlines have an extensive pet policy, so make sure that you go through the same before confirming your Air Canada booking

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You may also read about these pet-friendly airlines to be more specific about the list. 

Final Consideration

There is no denying the fact that we all want a stress free travel, but when it comes to our cute little furry friends, they need extra care and attention. It takes a lot to make sure that your pet does not feel irritated, restricted, or uneasy while flying with you. Well, one does not have to worry about this anymore. 

With all the pet-friendly airlines mentioned above, traveling for the pets has been made easier. So, make the right choice for you little furry buddy by considering the specifications, including breeds, kennel size, traveling locations, etc. Also, each airline mentioned in the above list makes sure that you make the most of your trip (whether domestic or international) while traveling with your bud.

So, what else do you need now? 

Pack your bags, book your tickets, and choose to fly with the airline that best suits yours as well as your pet’s needs. 

We wish you and your lovely pet a safe, comfortable, and happy travel!!

Also, if you know about any other airlines that offer incredibly amazing pet travel services, then feel free to share about the same in the comment section below.