Gay Travel is constantly evolving, and 2020 finds more gay men searching for alternative destinations to spend their holidays. This need is reflected on the increase of the Google Searches related to alternative Gay Travel destinations that was noticed in 2019. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that most gay travelers would prefer having the option of a night-out during their vacations. And, this brings Portugal on the spotlight.

Portugal is quite a popular gay-friendly country, however, it's often overlooked for gay holidays as most men up until now went for the obvious like Mykonos, Barcelona, Paris, London, etc. Of course, that's something that will change, as 2020 is Portugal's time to shine. Perfectly blending the vibrant gay life of a big city with the beauty of an alternative destination, Portugal has all that ti takes to become the ultimate gay destination of 2020.

Many Portuguese destinations sweetly combine the serenity and uniqueness of an alternative destination with the benefits of staying in a big city, and this is why searches are evenly spread through many towns around the country. So, let's discover the top gay Portugal destinations for 2020!

Gay Lisbon | The Queen of Portugal | 2,900 Searches per Month

The red-tiled Portuguese capital could not help but be on the spotlight of the gay trends predictions for 2020, as it's among the most searched destinations in Google. Gay travelers are particularly interested in its gay scene, as keywords such as "gay area Lisbon" and "Gay Bar Lisbon" attract more than 4,000 Searches per month. This city caters perfectly to Single Gay Travelers searching for a little bit of fun, and groups of friends who want to go out and have some fun.

Gay Porto | The Rising 2nd City Destination of Portugal | 1,600 Searches per Month

As Booking predicted, 2nd City Destinations are among the top travel trends of 2020, and there isn't a better 2nd city destination example than Porto. The city is popular for three reasons: its delicious wine, beautiful tiled buildings, and vivid gay nightlife. What do travelers search about Porto? The keywords "gay bars porto portugal" and "gay club porto" are on the spotlight, as gay travellers are interested about this charming destination's gay night scene. While the keyword "gay life in porto" is also trending, highlighting the potential of the destination even further.

Gay Algarve | A Gay-Friendly Seaside Paradise | 590 Searches per Month

The 3rd destination of Portugal that has already become a sensation for gay holidays is Algarve. This wonderful region, packed with picturesque seaside towns and golden-sand beaches could not help but be the perfect escape for the hot sunny days of summer. The region attracts more than 5000 searches per month, with the keyword "gay beach algarve" standing out. Popular destinations in Algarve for Gay Holidays are Albufeira, Lagos, Faro and Portimao, sharing a fair amount of the monthly searches. 

Choose your Season: Winter, Spring or Summer!

Well, Portugal is an all-year-round destination, so the season that you should visit is up to your preferences. Winter is great to enjoy some delicious local cuisine, catch some great deals (flights & accommodation), and enjoy some winter sun. Spring is excellent for sightseeing and countryside exploration. While Summer is perfect for beach vacations and summer parties. The best season to visit the above suggested destinations are  Lisbon in Winter, Porto in Spring and Algarve in Summer!