Welcome to Crete: the largest Greek island and the third largest in the Mediterranean. Crete embraces travelers with warm temperatures all year round, gorgeous beaches hugged by the clear waters of the Aegean Sea, welcoming locals, and a rich gastronomic culture.

As a food lover, we understand how essential it is to find the perfect hotel that will cater to and satisfy your high expectations. Let us guide you to the secrets of the Cretan cuisine, and tell you everything you need to know about one specific resort that has a Michelin Star restaurant.

It also happens to be one of the top 5 star hotels in Crete. Meaning you can spend less time planning where you will be getting your next meal, and more time exploring the island!


Fine dining at Bellevue: 2 Michelin star menu!

Dinner at Bellevue: Quickly opt to Bellevue for a fine dining and wining experience! Bellevue's menu consists of unique and whimsical culinary creations that can be enjoyed while gazing at the sunset over the Aegean Sea. The creative 5 set course menu is notably inspired by French cuisine and created by Yves Mattagne, a famous Belgian chef. 

Be soothed and relax with the piano playing gently in the background, enhancing the romantic dining atmosphere.  Once you sit at Bellevue you will be handed a drinks menu with an endless choice of superb Greek wines. But do not fret -  if you're unsure, go with a fine white wine to compliment the seafood dishes.

Hot tip! If you have a specific seafood dish in mind, be sure to speak with the Guests Services Desk the day before your anticipated at Bellevue!

Get into a tropical state of mind by lunching at Payot Deli and Butcher Bar!

Lunch at At Payot Deli and Butcher Bar and discover South American street food, while overlooking the resort's pools. Choose from mouth watering fajitas, wraps, burgers, or if for those with a sweet tooth can opt for freshly made pancakes, waffles, and cool ice-cream.

If you're visiting with family – and not only, treat yourselves to this American breakfast experience, and you'll be rewarded with smiles all around.

Hop one, two, three! Time for Lunch at the Sea and Pool-Front Restaurant!

Treat yourself after a lazy morning lounging by the pool or beach by diving into a world of Italian flavors at the Seafront Pool Restaurant. Their freshly made pizza is well-received by children so if you're traveling as a family, we recommend a visit.

Ariadni Restaurant: A taste of Crete with a lot of flavours!

Cretan cuisine is so rich and diverse that it can stand on its own - and not only as a part of the Greek cuisine. It would be a shame if you visited Crete and didn't taste of its mouth drooling dishes. You can enjoy traditional Cretan cuisine either in one of the numerous small taverns scattered around Crete, or at the exceptional, gourmet-yet-traditional Ariadni Restaurant.

At Ariadni restaurant, you will find delicious dishes twisted in a way that they match the restaurant's gourmet attitude, without changing the taste. There, you may find delightful dishes like pita with souvlaki and tomatoes, fresh salad with apaki, baby potatoes and cherry tomatoes, grilled local sausaged, etc. Each meal of yours can be paired with a bottle of local Cretan wine!

Check-in to your Deluxe Whirlpool Spa Suite | +3 Must-dos when in the Resort!

  Check in to your Deluxe Whirlpool Spa Suite at Radisson Blu Beach Resort Milatos Crete and unwind in your outdoor Jacuzzi as you enjoy the beautiful sea view from your private terrace. Take in the Myconian inspired interior and unique furnishings oozing luxury as well as traditional Greek culture.

Hot tip!
As the hotel receives a large number of visitors, we recommend booking the Early Breakfast slot to make the most of your Michelin-star dining experience.

Checking in at Radisson Blu Beach Resort Milatos will open you to many experiences in and around the hotel. Find below 3 Must-Dos when you are staying in Radisson Blu Beach Resort Milatos:

Discover Milatos Cave: In the quiet and charming village of Milatos you can find Milatos cave, a unique site worth visiting.  As the location is not reachable by foot, the front desk at Radisson Blu Beach Resort can arrange this excursion for you.

Keep cool pool or beach-side: Spend your days checking out all the pool areas, each of which offers a unique vibe! If you feel like socializing, you can join a game of water polo or water volleyball in the hotel; Radisson Blu Beach Resort organizes various activities daily to ensure your stay is fun as well as relaxing.Contrastingly, you can take advantage of the hotel's remote beachfront location. Located on Milatos Beach, Radisson Blu is the only hotel for miles around which makes the beach feel more exclusive to its guests. Nearby you can find a small gift shop, perfect if you want to get some souvenirs to take back home with you.

Get up close and personal with Crete's beautiful natural surroundings: As blazing temperatures begin to cool down in the afternoon, go out and explore Crete by bike! If you think that calls for too much energy wasted, why not get in touch with Crete Safari and leave the navigating up to them? You may even be amazed by Lemurs eating off your shoulders! 

As convenient as it can get! 

Whether you're traveling alone, with family or friends, Radisson Blu Beach Resort has pretty much everything all types of travelers may need. With several excellent dining options found just a few feet away from your Deluxe Whirlpool Spa Suite, the daily "Where should we eat tonight?" issue is a non-issue! To begin planning your stay in Crete check booking information at   Radisson Blu Beach Resort Milatos Crete.