Island Hopping is a clever as well as exciting choice for seeing multiple destinations at once! Fortunately, Greece is ideal for this style of vacationing, since most of its islands are located close to each other, while they are rather easily connected. Read below some of the best tips, for your next fun and adventurous Island Hopping in Greece! 

Aphaia temple on Aegina Island in Greece | Travel By Interest
Aphaia temple on Aegina Island in Greece

Island Hopping in Greece Tips:

1. Where to start

First of all, it is important that you have a vision of the kind of vacations you wish to have. Are you mostly looking for intense nightlife? Do you want many cultural sight visits during your trip? Or do you prefer to combine multiple activities during your vacation in Greece? Depending on these facts, you will be able to choose the islands that match your preferences, something that will help you choose the islands you should definitely include in your itinerary. Once you have a couple of Islands in mind that have what you are looking for, you can start building the island hopping experience, by searching what’s around each one of them and finding other islands or mainland destinations that are conveniently close. Still don’t know where to start? Check our article about the Best Greek Islands for Summer Holidays , to get inspired!

Lindos with the castle above on the Greek Island of Rhodes | Travel By Interest
Lindos with the castle above on the Greek Island of Rhodes

2. Careful with the Ferry Routes

Island Hopping in Greece depends mainly on ferry boat routes, since most of the islands do not have an airport.Greek ferry routes can be a bit tricky to navigate, so you have to make a good search of the available routes as well as the time they take from island to island. This is a highly important factor when combining island destinations, in order to make the best time management for your trip. Moreover, many routes are departing from and returning to the Greek mainland, so you may have to consider to include an urban location to stay, between your Island Hopping Vacation.

Windmills in the setting sun on the island of Patmos | Travel By Interest
Windmills in the setting sun on the island of Patmos

3. Book in Advance and Arrive early

Once you have all your island destinations planned, go on and book everything in advance. Even if you see lots of availability on each route, Greece is a hot summer destination and can become fully booked just in a couple of days! That of course does not apply only to ferry routes, but also to air tickets and accommodation properties. Plus, don’t forget that you have to pick up your tickets at the port you claimed – even if you have already paid them and have your confirmation in hand. A 90% of ferry boat companies do not yet have a check in electronic system.

Aerial view on the Cameo island of Zakynthos, Greece | Travel By Interest
Aerial view on the Cameo island of Zakynthos, Greece

4. Pack Wisely

Since you will be on the go, packing and unpacking frequently, you shall put some thought on how and what you will pack. Choose clothes that do not need a lot of ironing, so they can be handy. Also, by picking pieces that in different combinations can create multiple outfits, will be very convenient for you, especially if you are going on a long holiday. This will also allow you to pack less items, which is very important. Since you will be moving a lot, light packing will be a real saviour. Consider also that temperatures are higher in Greece, so light clothing and swimsuits are a must! On the other hand, keep in mind that when the sun goes down, the temperature may fall, so make sure to have a cardigan in hand. You might also need a jacket on board the ferries, as it can be quite breezy on deck and cool inside the boats, due to air-conditioning.

These were our tips on Island Hopping in Greece for you to get started on planning your Greek Holidays!

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