The sun is rising and the birds start singing, marking the start of a new day. Your holidays in Reykjavik are about to start and the only thing you want to do is drink a strong coffee to wake you up, enjoy a nutritious breakfast to keep you fuelled up and start your day.

The thought of finding a venue to take your morning meal slowly gets you but then you remember. You are thankful to the older "you" who listened to our advice and stayed in a hotel where breakfast is also included. And, on top of that, you have stayed to the BEST hotel for breakfast in the city.

But... woah, we got much, much ahead. Keep reading to find the best hotel breakfast in Reykjavik, found at a lovely property called Reykjavik Lights at the suburbs of Reykjavik’s centre!

A Minimal and Clean Environment in Light Wood and White!

The modern, minimal and clean environment of the breakfast area will make you feel comfortable and very… hungry. The element of wood is prominent as the floor and the chairs are wooden, while the walls are painted in grey and soft cream.

The furniture are white and minimal, while the breakfast items are presented in a beautiful line, separated into categories.

Breakfast Items; A mix of Scandinavian and British dishes!

The breakfast consists of a mixture of Scandinavian and British dishes, and it’s served in a buffet style, as you might have already understood from the previous paragraph, from 7 am to 10 am.

It offers a great mix of warm and cold items, including local recipes and Intercontinental favourites. The eggs are offered hard-boiled and scrambled, which can be eaten alongside savoury sausages, crisp bacon and fresh bread with rich local butter. Don’t miss to try the local skyr, fresh pancakes and the delicious pastries like the Viennese plum cake, and the delicious, fresh croissants!

Reykjavik Lights: A Concept Design Hotel on the Edge of Reykjavik’s Centre!

Now that we have discovered the hotel's delicious breakfast, let’s explore a little more about the hotel. Reykjavik Lights is a centrally located Nordic-style hotel by the Laugardalur, place of sports and recreation. It stands out for its clean and tidy rooms, while its staff is on the spotlight when it comes to reviews.

Free WIFI is available at the hotel's grounds, as well as complimentary private parking for the drivers. It’s home to 105 Scandinavian-Style rooms, offering modern facilities and splendid views over the city.

Moreover, the hotel offers an abundance of tours and activities, through which you will discover Iceland thoroughly. From watching the Northern Lights and Stargazing to snorkelling in Silfra Self Drive and Caves & Volcanoes exploration.   

So, back to the beginning of the article. Birds are singing, the sun is shining and you are getting prepared for the delicious breakfast of Reykjavik's Lights. Are you prepared?