Are you about to exchange vows and eternal love promises with your partner and looking for the perfect setting for this lifetime experience?  And do you wish for your wedding/bachelor/honeymoon to take place in Greece? Well, we have one of the best wedding villas for you to consider, which is also one of the top luxury hotels in HalkidikiVilla Galini Porto Carras.

But before exploring the Villa in more detail, let’s have a glimpse on why a Wedding in Greece is an excellent idea. It is only natural that you’ve put a lot of thought for this special day of your life, and the destination and place where the ceremony will happen is one of the most crucial aspects of the whole wedding planning procedure. Keep reading, to find out the main reasons why you should consider a Wedding in Greece - and in particular, in Halkidiki peninsula.

Why Greece & Why Halkidiki?

Paradise-like Settings

Whether you would like an urban setting, a mountain or the deep blue sea as a background, Greece has it all! In fact, Halkidiki (and the nearby city of Thessaloniki), features all of these options!


Culinary options are the key point to every wedding, and tasty recipes and fulfilling dishes are definitely among the things your guests will remember forever. But you don't need to worry a lot about this: since Greek cuisine is one of the best in the world, you 've got this covered!

Tradition & Hospitality

Greek traditions, combined with the warm hospitality that for centuries has been a firm characteristic of Greece, are ideal for the absolute wedding and vacation experience.

Fun Factor

Spending a couple of days in Greece in combination with your wedding offers plenty of things to do. In Halkidiki, in particular, you will be able to explore nature, visit sights and of course enjoy beach life. Keep in mind also that nightlife in the broader area is well developed, so all the dancing queens among your guests can start getting excited!

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Why choose a villa for your wedding?

Choosing a Villa for your Wedding ceremony, reception or even your bachelor/bachelorette party is both convenient and fun. Since villa owners and managers have the experience and expertise of wedding organising and event planning, they can offer multidimensional services, ideas, and professional assistance, to help you plan the perfect wedding. Moreover, villas offer tailored decorations, luxury accommodation for you and your guests and, of course, catering. The example of Villa Galini Porto Carras, one of the best Halkidiki villas, will help us highlight and showcase all the things a villa can offer.

Meet Villa Galini Porto Carras

Part of the Villa used to be a monastery, a fact that has been enhanced by the renowned architect Kostas Kapsampelis, who has designed Villa Galini in a way that purposefully resembles the monastic architecture. Don't forget that the sacred region of Mount Athos is located nearby. As you can guess, the whole concept of the Villa is really unique, as unique are many of its decorative elements. One of the guest bathrooms has been designed by Salvador Dali, while the Yves St Laurent mosaic tiles and the piano of the near-resident Gina Bachauer really stand out!

Apart from the aesthetic factor, Villa Galini Porto Carras features astonishing views, beautiful outdoor terraces, fine amenities such as an outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, paradise-like gardens and luxurious rooms! An ideal combination of characteristics that will enhance your wedding experience! And don’t forget: All these are set within a stunning pine landscape, along with isolated private beaches and panoramic views.   Find the ideal dates for your Wedding in Greece

Why is Villa Galini Porto Carras one of the Best Wedding Villas in Halkidiki?

Let's answer the above question, by highlighting the enhanced Wedding Services offered by the Villa!

  • Pampering
    Τhalassotherapy and Spa centers offer pampering sessions for a complete relaxation and rejuvenation, ideal to distress!
  • Beauty Session
    All the bridal preparations can also be arranged! So you don’t have to worry about your bridal hairdo, make-up, and manicure!
  • Luxury Hospitality
    Fine amenities and fully-equipped luxury rooms guarantee a smooth and pleasing stay for both you and your guests.
  • Honeymoon Packages
    Unique packages offer couples the chance to elongate the marriage experience, and enjoy each other's company as a married couple, in a luxurious property along beautiful nature. 
  • Quality Services
    At Villa Galini hospitality is at its best, offering the best of services and ensuring that every need is covered

Ways You can Organise your Wedding Reception at Villa Galini

The Villa’s Wedding Experts can guide you through and help you arrange the perfect wedding ceremony, party, gala or any other happening you wish to be a part of your special day (or days)! The venue options include: 

  • The New, Renovated Courtyard
    What about a cocktail party, in the unique environment of the backyard with Toronaios Gulf in the backdrop?
  • Around the Outdoor Swimming Pool
    With a capacity of 250 people, the pool area is ideal for a gala dinner or a wine tasting soirée!
  • The Private Chapel of St. John
    Tradition and nature combined! The views from here are truly unique, creating an ideal setting for your exchange of vows ceremony.
  • The Private Beaches
    One of these private mini oases can become the setting for a beach party, a private candlelight dinner or any other event you wish to have on the beach.

The setting and happenings of your special day matter a lot! This beautiful Wedding Villa in Halkidiki can really make it happen for you!  

This is how your wedding at Villa Galini Porto Carras will look like. Already convinced? don't forget that you can  check prices directly at the hotel by clicking here. In the meantime, Villa Galini Porto Carras has been also featured among the top idyllic villas in Greece for honeymoons, a great collection to get advice for your honeymoon!