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Maldives Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Maldives for Food lovers


30 Maldives Hotels
for Food lovers


30 Maldives Hotels for Food lovers

Maldives Mood: Tasting the Exotic!

We all know the tropical Maldives as a popular honeymoon destination. However, when it comes to food, this tropical nation has much more to offer than savouring fruits in a hammock over azure waters and enjoying fine dining in resort’s restaurants and bars – though offering outstanding dishes!

Maldivian cuisine, else known as Dhivehi cuisine, is a beguiling mix of Arabic, Indian, Sri Lankan and Oriental cuisines. Having more than 1,000 coral islands with coconut palm trees, there is no wonder why fish and coconuts are the most important staples of the Maldivian diet. 

What to eat in the Maldives

On the island of Male, the capital of the Maldives, you will find a plethora of local restaurants where you will be able to taste authentic Maldivian dishes. However, keep in mind that since the Maldives is an Islamic nation, alcohol is banned for the locals, but that does not apply on the resorts, as they are allowed to serve all types of alcohol.

The Maldivian dishes mainly consist of fish, more particularly, tuna while they are distinguished for their spicy and hot flavor. Coconuts are also a main ingredient in most main dishes and can be served in many forms, like milk or coconut oil (usually used to deep fry foods).

One of the most popular dishes to try in the Maldives is the traditional Garudhiya, a fish broth based on tuna species usually paired with lime, chilli and onions side dishes.

There is no surprise that the most common breakfast in the Maldives consist fish and is called Mas Huni. It is a dish made of smoked tuna, onion, coconut and chilli.

Other popular foods to try in the Maldives are Fihunu Mas, Maldivian grilled fish, and Bambukeylu Hiti, a delectable breadfruit curry. 

Again, it is not surprising that most of the snacks in Maldives – guest what - are fish-based! They are locally known as hedhikaa and usually made of tuna and coconut.

Experience underwater Dining in the Maldives

Dine five meters below the sea’s surface at the world’s largest underwater restaurant! The setting of Hurawalhi aquarium-style restaurant is surrounded by large glasses allowing you to accompany your dinner with extraordinary views to colorful reefs and tropical marine life. 

The menu is nothing short of delicious, and of course, you should do not miss to make a reservation before you go!

In this Maldives Food Guide, you will find the top dining resorts in the Maldives, offering delicious traditional and international cuisine, sumptuous breakfasts, refreshing cocktails, intimate dinners in secluded locations, and private meals within the privacy of your suite.

The best Dining Resorts in the Maldives

Some of the Maldivian islands are so tiny that they host only one luxury resort with all-inclusive facilities providing you with a tropical haven of peace and tranquillity.

Most of the dining resorts in the Maldives host up to 5 restaurants and lounge bars catering to your taste with traditional flavours and international cuisines ranging from Asian to Mexican to Mediterranean. 

The dining settings are diverse, either. Over-water dining pavilions welcome you to start your day with sumptuous breakfast based on fresh fruits, coconuts, and popular delicacies from all over the world while wine cellars provide you with an exceptional wine list to accompany your dinner with a glass of fine wine.

One of the most popular dining experiences in the Maldives is arranging a private dinner in a secluded beautiful location or within the privacy of your over-water bungalow. The resort’s professional staff prepares your favourites dishes and promises to take care of all the details for a memorable dining experience.

See our collection of the best high-end dining resorts by the beach in the Maldives.

The top places in the Maldives for food travelers

Most of the Maldivian islands host only one private resort with adequate dining options serving an extensive array of traditional and international cuisines.

Find below the best placesfor traditional and gourmet dining experiences in the Maldives.

Food Tips

The majority of the snacks in Maldives are fish-based and called hedhikaa. Some popular snacks include bajiya, gulha, keemia, kulhi borkibaa, masroshi and theluli mas.

Delicious types of Maldivian vegetable curries are bashi, tora, barabo, and chichanda, but the most delicious one you must eat in the Maldives, is cooked with diced fresh tuna, known as mas riha.

Places & Things to do
for Food lovers


Reef Restaurant

international cuisine , fine-dining

Lounge Bar

CORAL Bar & Lounge

cocktails & mixology drinks , sweet & desserts , quick meals , fine-dining



local cuisine , gourmet cuisine , coffee & drinks , fine-dining


Manzaru Bar And Pool

mediterranean cuisine , gourmet cuisine , fine-dining


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