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Philippines Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Philippines for Food lovers


11 Philippines Hotels
for Food lovers


11 Philippines Hotels for Food lovers

What to eat in the Philippines

Filipino food may not be for everyone and popular as Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, however, having more than 7,000 islands, this exotic archipelago has some delicious local dishes that every foodie would love.

The food in the Philippines is much more than the favourite street food yet staggering balut, a boiled duck embryo eaten from the shell. 

typical Philippine meal usually consists of seafood, rice, soy sauce, vinegar, pork and noodles, while tropical fruits such as mango, aratiles, durian, rambutan and lanzones tickle your taste buds in whole new ways.

Having been colonized by the Spanish for 333 years and the Americans for 48, there is no wonder why Filipino food and culture is a mystifying mix of these cuisines and former residents, ranging from Malaysian and Indonesian, to Indian and Chinese. 

That being said, Filipino cuisine is diverse and huge, with a thriving street food scene with a plethora street vendors offering local delicacies, it is easy to get confused about what to eat when in the Philippines. However, these are a few must-try local recipes to have in mind.

Philippine adobo, originated from Mexico, is the most usual food of locals and you will find it literally everywhere from Manila to Taguig City to Boracay to Cebu. It is a popular dish in Filipino cuisine that involves either meat (often chicken and pork), or seafood, or vegetables marinated in vinegar, salt, pepper, soy sauce, garlic. This cooking process was also found by Filipinos that it was an excellent way to preserve food without refrigeration.

Lechon, a very popular and delicious pork dish to try especially in Cebu and Manila! Especially Cebu Island is known for offering the tastiest version of Lechon which needs no sauce! The stomach of the pig is filled with star anise, pepper, spring onions, laurel leaves and lemongrass.

Fish tinola, a perfect dish for seafood lovers in Cebu! It is a soup-based dish made of the freshest fish flavoured with onions, tomatoes and tamarind sauce while it is prepared over firewood for hours.

Balut, a controversial traditional delicacy in the Philippines that is actually a fertilized bird egg, usually a duck, that is boiled or steamed while it is eaten directly from the shell. Balut eaters in the Philippines prefer balut with salt, chilli, garlic and vinegar.

Other popular delicious dishes include mechado (larded beef in soy and tomato sauce), longganisa (type of Philippine sausage), pinakbet (kabocha squash, eggplant, beans, okra, and tomato stew with shrimp), pancit (noodles), lumpia (fresh or fried spring rolls), puchero (beef in bananas and tomato sauce), and afritada (chicken or pork with tomato sauce and vegetables).

As for desserts, the islands’ tropical climate has led to the creation of a wide diversity of sweets made from rice and coconuts. Bibingka is a must-try hot rice cake, usually topped with butter, white cheese, salted duck eggs or grated coconut. While biko (glutinous rice sweets), bitsu-bitsu (pinoy donut), kutsinda (brown rice cake), and halo-halo (cold dessert made of ice and milk) are also yummy desserts to satisfy your palate for something sweet!

If you wanna dive into the sweet experience of Philippines visit our amazing Hotel Collections!

The Best Hotels with Restaurants and Dining Resorts in the Philippines

With more than 7,000 islands, dining by the beach is the most prominent culinary experience in the Philippines! The inhabited Filipino islands, which are only about 2,000, are dotted with beach resorts and excellent hotels with restaurants, and sky terrace bars or tropical lounge pool bars.

Especially in the city of Makati, you will luxury hotels with fine-dining restaurants and terrace bars offering gourmet dishes based on Filipino and international cuisines as well as exotic cocktails combined with dazzling city views. 

While on the islands of Cebu and Boracay you will find boutique hotels to dine with sand on your toes, and stunning resorts by the beach offering sumptuous breakfast buffets with tropical fruits, local and international delicacies, as well as lunches and intimate dinners based on your favorite cuisine.

Find here the best hotels and dining resorts for culinary experiences in the Philippines!

The Top Places in the Philippines for Food Travelers

The islands of the  Philippines have an extensive array of restaurants ranging from casual cheap eateries to high-end restaurants. Whether you are looking for local Filippino food or your favourite international cuisine the Philippines have it all! See our collectionwith the best places for culinary journeys and gastronomic pleasures in the Philippines!

Food Tips

The Philippine cuisine has been influenced by several other cuisines like the Malay, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, Austronesian  and, surprisingly, the American. Street food in the Philippines is thriving and the touristic areas in the country are packed with street vendors.

The Philippines host several hotels with gourmet restaurants where you will taste the huge and delicious Philippine cuisine as there are several marvelous local recipes worthy of trying.

Philippine cuisine might not be for everyone but there are several local dishes that every foodie would love. A typical Philippine meal consists of seafood, rice, soy sauce, vinegar, pork and noodles.

Places & Things to do
for Food lovers


White Beach Moalboal

swimming , sunset view , kids entertainment


The Exit Bar

cocktails & mixology drinks


Milky Way Cafe

traditional recipes , local cuisine , coffee & drinks , quick meals


Ilig Iligan Beach

swimming , sunset view , kids entertainment , diving


Punta Bunga Beach

kids entertainment , sunset view , swimming


Real Coffee & Tea Cafe

coffee & drinks , quick meals , sweet & desserts


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Our Travel by Interest Experts have created this dedicated food travel guide, to help you easily plan your next culinary holidays and discover all the places you want to see and all the things you want to do. You can find here the top restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros as well as gastronomy Hotels to stay!

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