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Luxury Escapes in Philippines 2018

The unrivalled natural beauty of Philippine islands and cities make no wonder why thousands of couples choose them for luxurious romantic vacations or even honeymoon! 

Travelling to exotic islands such as Boracay and Mactan, is ideal for travellers looking for endless outdoor activities to do in nature, ranging from snorkeling and scuba diving to adventurous explorations and kayaking! On the other side, if you are looking for excellent restaurants, elegant bars, and stylish shops then Makati City is the place to be! 

Best Luxury Hotels & Beach Resorts in Philippines

Whether you visit a Philippine island or city you will find astonishing luxury hotels and stunning resorts right on the beach! These luxury hotels and beach resorts feature modern and spacious facilities, exceptional service, and outstanding  restaurants! 

See below our collection with the best hotels in Philippines and get ready  for your luxury holidays to come!

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