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Thailand Food Guide

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Tasting the Best of Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is a mixture of different Southeast Asian traditions and is distinguished by its aromatic intensities. Balance and variety are of utmost importance while the principle of coexistence of three to four different taste senses in each meal is typical. The combination of lime juice, lemon grass and fresh coriander give Thai food a unique taste. Keep in mind that Thai food is really cheap and easy to find in the majority of the Thai regions although major restaurant chains can be found mainly in the big city of Bangkok.

Food Travel Tips

Structured around the philosophy of Thai food, cooking classes in Bangkok is an experience that food aficionados should not miss.
It’s quite common to find marketplaces in every corner of Thai streets, selling very cheap and tasty snacks such as spring rolls, chicken or beef satay and raw vegetables, all served with spicy dips.
There is a custom based on Thai religious standards, according to which the Thai “god’ of rice” monitors dinners in order to ensure that everybody has enough to eat. As such leftovers cause him anger with the price being bad luck.
Apart from the variety of spices, what amazes culinary travelers, is the amazing serving of the meals, which constitutes a delightful aesthetic result equivalent to the outstanding savouriness. What should be added to this delicious feast, is the use of the local tropical fruits for unique palatability desserts.
Either you choose chicken, pork, beef or seafood you will always find it served with a special sauce and if you choose the famous Thai rice to accompany it with, it will be either the classic long grain rice version or the “khoueitio”, i.e noodle rice.
Thai locals are known to be great noodle eaters. Rice noodles are the most common type, usually served angel-hair, small and large. Egg noodles and glass noodles are also quite popular. The four most popular ingredients that often accompany noodles are red chilies, fish sauce, vinegar and sugar.
Thai cuisine does not include a desser in the end, like the Western food traditions. Although, several restaurants serve few slices of fresh fruit for free. As an exotic destination, Thai is the home of several tropical fruits that you will find difficulty in finding in your country like rambutan, custard apple, durian, rose apple, dragon fruit, mangosteen and more.

The Best Hotels with Restaurants in Thailand

High-quality hotels and beach resorts in Thailand feature gourmet restaurants and impressine lounge pool bars offering exceptional gastronomic experiences always combined with views over the sea, the mountains or vibrant city landscapes.
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