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Thailand Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Thailand for Gay Travellers

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Thailand: A Gay Paradise in Asia!

Thailand is regarded as one of the most popular Asian destinations for the global Gay & Lesbian travelers since it is probably the most tolerant country of Asia regarding LGBT rights. Popular destinations in Thailand for the LGBT travelers include Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Kho Hood and Pattaya.

Gay Travel Tips

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is very often characterized ‘the gay capital of Asia’, having an intense nightlife and a wide set of activities and attractions for the Gay & Lesbian visitors.
Phuket Island is the second most popular gay destination in Thailand, only after Bangkok, featuring a vivid and organised gay life that every gay traveler would enjoy nonetheless. Gay Life in Phuket Island is mainly concentrated on the Paradise Complex of Patong Town. 
Chiang Mai, often called the jewel of the North, has a big and diverse gay nightlife featuring several gay go-go dancing bars, few gay-friendly clubs that mainly attract gay crowds, two gay saunas for a hotter and more relaxed atmosphere and a few gay massage shops. 
Pattaya has a vivid and colorful gay scene with beautiful beaches that every gay traveler would adore. The main gay district of Pattaya is BoyzTown and it’s packed with gay bars, massage shops, restaurants and guesthouses. Jomtien Complex also has a good range of gay venues as well.
Koh Samui features a more chill-out atmosphere for gay travelers who want to relax and prefer a more laid-back gay scene. It’s particularly known for its high-quality resorts and excellent natural beauty. There is also a gay popular beach where you can socialize while enjoying the immense beauty of the Samui beaches.
Dongtan Beach is probably one of the most popular gay beaches in Thailand right now. Dongtan Beach is a part of Jomtien Beach which is located in southern Pattaya! It is mainly visited by gay men but don't be surprised if you see straight couples too. The bars around the beach are closed on Wednesdays, so the beach doesn’t attract many people that day.
There are several Gay Festivals and events taking place across the country. Some of them are running occasionally, while others happen regularly, like for example cabaret shows.

The Best Hotels & Beach Resorts for Gay Travellers in Thailand

You will find exclusively gay accommodation options including small gay hotels and guesthouses in big cities like Bangkok. However, the majority of them will surely not provide you with the facilities and services offered by a hotel. Below you will find high-quality hotels and beach resorts located close to popular gay beaches and hotspots all around Thailand.
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