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Gay Thailand Travel: Discovering a Gay Paradise in Asia!

Thailand is regarded as one of the most popular Asian destinations for the global Gay & Lesbian travelers since it is probably the most tolerant country of Asia regarding LGBT rights. Popular destinations in Thailand for the LGBT travelers include Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Kho Hood and Pattaya.

The Best Gay-Friendly Hotels & Beach Resorts in Thailand

Whichever Thai destination you may visit,  you will find amazing gay-friendly hotels and beach resorts! Moreover, you will find exclusively gay accommodation options including small gay hotels and guesthouses in big cities like Bangkok. However, the majority of them will surely not provide you with the facilities and services offered by a hotel. Below you will find high-quality hotels and beach resorts located close to popular gay beaches and hotspots all around Thailand.

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Hotels for Gay Travellers in Thailand

Featured Gay Guides in Thailand

Gay Guides about popular gay destinations in Thailand. Discover the gay life of Thai islands and cities, famous gay places, and top hotels and resorts for gay travellers!