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Phuket Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Phuket for Food Lovers

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Phuket cuisine is one of the top reasons to travel to Thailand! The local dishes entice you to try them only by their appearance and by the way they are served. The controversial tastes in only one dish will make you Phuket-addicted! It’s quite common for a dish to feature the tastes of sour, savory and sweet as well.

Food Travel Tips

The cuisine of Phuket is quite cosmopolitan, especially in Pa Tong, as many foreigners have built restaurants to serve the fellow tourists with delicious international and traditional dishes.

Pad Thai, a national dish of the Thai cuisine, should be tasted in Phuket to understand its real value of taste. It usually consists of noodles dressed with tofu, bean sprouts, onions & peanuts.

Don not miss to taste: Oh Tao, a combination of oysters and crispy pork, Hokkien Mee, round yellow noodles accompanied with either seafood or pork and A-pong, the famous sweet rolled pancake.
A must if you are into a Phuket dessert is “Oh Aew”, a jelly dessert made with Jellied banana flour, boiled red beans, and sweet red syrup dipped in ice that make the absolute temptation.
Feel the superiority of Phuket’s seafood by visiting “The Boathouse Wine & Grill” or “the Mom Tri's Kitchen at Villa Royalof” some of the best restaurants overlooking Kata Noi Beach.
Phuket has a fine production of pineapples known to be very enjoyable to consume due to their sweet taste and firm texture.
Phuket has a quite extensive cashew nuts production separated into dried, fried, or coated varieties.
Don not miss to drink local smoothies and alcoholic drinks based on fruits as Phuket has tropical fruits that you might not be able to find in anywhere else!

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