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Italy Food Guide

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Tasting the rich food tradition of Italy!

One of the reasons why Italy is such a beloved country is its outstanding culinary tradition. Italian cuisine dates really back in time and it has been subjected to several changes through history. Since Italy is a big and diverse country the culinary options offered through it are uncountable! The main ingredients of each Italian region might differ. However, particular ingredients that are directly linked to the Italian cuisine are olive oil, pasta, vinegar, parmigianno, prosciutto, basil & types of cheese. The three cities known for their rich gastronomy tradition are Rome, Naples and Florence.

The Best Hotels with Restaurants in Italy

Most of the 5-star and boutique hotels in Italy feature gastronomy restaurants or even wineries offering exceptional wine-tasting and gastronomic experiences always combined with views over the sea, the mountains or vibrant city landscapes.

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Hotels for Gastronomy Travellers in Italy