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Peloponnese Food Guide

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Peloponnese people like their food to be above all things, fresh. The majority of the restaurants and bars in Peloponnese offer dishes made with local fresh products and ingredients, most of which contain olive oil, lemon, fresh fish, lamb, honey and locally grown vegetables.

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Peloponnesian cuisine is rich, variable and very healthy. The most popular Peloponnesian recipes are Artichoke, smoked pork and manouri cheese omelette, Aubergines with potatoes in tomato sauce, Baked cod with tomatoes, Barley-shaped pasta soup with tomato and cinnamon, and bean soup with smoked pork, olives and orange!
The Mani Peninsula, located on the southern side of Peloponnese has a very good production of natural products, like the extra virgin olive oil and the delicious honey. Dough fritters drizzled with Peloponnesian honey and topped with chopped walnut and cinnamon is a delicious local dessert especially beloved by locals and travellers. 
Elea is a mouth-watering local delicacy that actually consists of a single olive softened and sweetened with honey. It's usually offered on a silver teaspoon as a welcome to the guests.
Tsakoniki eggplant is a long, pale purple aubergine with white stripes running through it and a very popular ingredient as well. Tsakoniki Aubergine is especially beloved for its wonderful flavour as it's as bitter as other eggplant varieties. Around Elonidio on the eastern coast of Peloponnese, there is an annual festival commemorating Tsakoniki harvest every summer.

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