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Peloponnese Luxury Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Peloponnese for Luxury Travellers

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Luxury Travel in Peloponnese

Being distinguished for its breathtaking beaches with nearby luxury beach resorts makes no surprice why Peloponnese, the big peninsula of Southern Greece, is a top holiday choice among luxury travellers. If you are seeking to combine your luxury holidays with relaxation in nature, delicious Greek dishes, or even road trips, then consider discovering Peloponnese!

Luxury Travel Tips

Costa Navarino is a luxurious resort in Messinia, that consists of luxurious hotels and restaurants. It has been established as the most 'luxurious’ and 'high-end’ part of Peloponnese, mainly because of the excellent hotels & facilities it hosts, such as its famous Golf course.
Nafplion and Monemvasia are two of the most beautiful towns in Peloponnese with graphic alleys and a scenic landscape that can not be found anywhere else!

The Best of the Luxury Hotels & Beach Resorts in Peloponnese

All over Peloponnese you will find luxury hotels, beach resorts with restaurants and wellness centers, as well as unique accommodation options! See below the top reccomended hotels for luxury travellers or choose to see all hotels in Peloponnese
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What you should not miss if you are into Sightseeing Mood!

One of the best places to visit when travelling to Peloponnese, is the great theatre of Epidaurus which is located in the old small city of Epidaurus, on the Argolid Peninsula at the Saronic Gulf. 

It is the most beautiful and well-preserved among all the ancient Greek theatres with a capacity of 13,000 spectators. The ancient theatre still hosts several performances every year, mainly during the summer months and on the occasion of the annual cultural festival taking place there. 

Find below more exchiting places to visit if you are into sightseeing mood.

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