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Peloponnese Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Peloponnese for Gay Travellers

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Gay Holidays in Peloponnese

Peloponnese is a big peninsula in Southern Greece, with big cities, small villages, historical landmarks, beautiful nature and welcoming & kind people. It is ideal for Gay travellers in Greece, as it is packed with isolated spots where you can enjoy total privacy and seclusion; however, when in public & crowded places, a discreet behavior is suggested.

Gay Travel Tips

There are not exlusively gay beaches in Peloponnese but there are several nudist beaches that attract many gay locals and travelers. Some popular nudist beaches in Peloponnese are Zacharo, Kalo Nero, Romanou/Romanos and Caves Beach (Paralia Spilies).
As nudist beaches do not attract many people, the mainstream beaches of Peloponnese are great for meeting new people (gay or straight). 
Peloponnese is relatively close to Athens, the gay capital of Greece! Arranging two-days excursion to explore the gay nightlife of Athens is a favorite activity for gay visitors of Peloponnese. Athens has an organized gay scene, and the best days to visit it are Saturday and, to a lesser extent, Friday.
The region is perfect for gay families and couples who want to explore the natural Greek beauty of the mainland. The beaches in the island are breathtaking, and the small picturesque villages create the perfect setting for family vacations!

The Best Hotels and Beach Resorts for Gay Travellers in Peloponnese

There are not any exclusively gay hotels or resorts in Peloponnese, however, there are several gay-friendly boutique hotels and amazing resorts with direct access to the beach.
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Most popular Sightseeing in Peloponnese

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