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Algarve Gay Guide

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Gay Algarve Travel Guide 2018 | Traditional Gay Holidays in the Portuguese Countryside!

Located in the southernmost part of Portugal, Algarve is distinguished by its gay-friendly attitude. The locals are overall very acceptant towards the gay travelers, while the local gay community is very active and open. 

The best season for a gay traveler to visit Algarve is, of course, summer. As it is a region quite known for its beautiful beaches, the majority of the visitors tend to visit it during the months of July, August, and September.

The gay scene of Algarve is somewhat organized, with some of its towns featuring at least one gay bar, where you can relax and discuss with the locals. In Albufeira, the liveliest town in Algarve, you will find CONNECTION Bar, while in Portimao, you will find the traditional 'The Loft' Bar,  

Being a coastal region, there are actually several beaches popular to the gay and lesbian audience in Algarve. Some of the most popular ones include Praia Verde, Praia da Manta Rota, Praia do Barril, Praia Grande, and Praia de Santa Eulalia.

Algarve is a perfect destination to spend your gay honeymoon or romantic holidays featuring unforgettable sceneries and an amazing natural environment where you and your partner can enjoy endless moments of relaxation and serenity!


The Best Hotels in Algarve for Gay Travellers

There are very few gay-owned guesthouses in Algarve, the most popular of which being Casa Risa. There is also a wide diversity of gay-friendly hotels and villas where you can choose to stay in a friendlier environment.

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Algarve Gay Hotspots | Discover the discreet gay life of Algarve!

The gay venues in Algarve are actually limited, which means that you won't find many gay bars or clubs in the area, except in the towns of Portimao and Albufeira. In addition to the gay bars, you may also find various gay beaches nearby Algarve which are pretty great!