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Athens Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Athens for Food Lovers

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Food in Athens, Greece

Eating in Athens can be much more than a food experience as food in Athens is not similar to other cities in Greece. It is very common to enjoy your meal singing and dancing at the same time. Given the warm atmosphere and the friendliness of Athenians, it is most probable that you will end up enjoying the company of the people sitting next to you!

Food Travel Tips

Athens offers excellent opportunities for a splendid wine-tasting evening. There are several marvelous wine bars in the city of Athens, mainly concentrated in downtown Athens, where you can taste several top-notch wines.
As a cosmopolitan city, Athens features several restaurants that serve food from different parts of the world. Asian, Mexican & Indian are the three most popular international cuisines in the city.
For casual food, enjoy a freshly baked cheese pie in the morning, a quick meal with Greek souvlaki or gyros for lunch and some delicious street food (fresh bread with sausage and salad) after a night full of partying!
The best way to experience authentic Greek cuisine, is to choose a restaurant where locals prefer to eat. These restaurants are usually cheaper as well.

The Best Hotels with Restaurants in Athens

If you are more into gourmet dining, dine at one of the high-end hotel restaurants located either in the center or at the romantic Athenian Riviera! 
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The Top Places in Athens for Foodies

FhDICx2aQ5.jpgIn the heart of Athens, you will taste the best of Mediterranean Greek Cuisine, traditional dishes like Mousaka, and the world-famous "Souvlaki". Below you will find the best places to have breakfast, lunches and dinner as well as refreshing cocktails and exceptional wine!

Most popular Sightseeing in Athens

Yj7N7IUhpy.jpg In the heart of Athens you will not only taste the best of local cuisine but also you will catch a glimpse of Athens' famous museums and tourist attractions! Below you will find what you should not miss if you are into sightseeing mood!

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