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Athens Luxury Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Athens for Luxury Travellers

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Luxury Holidays in Athens, Greece

Combining culture and history, Athens rises as a top luxury destination in Europe, featuring some of the best hotels, gourmet restaurants and high-end boutiques.

Luxury Travel Tips

Athens is widely popular for its rich historical and architectural value. Being the capital of Greece, Athens happens to be the best city to uncover Ancient Greece through its graphic alleys.
Kolonaki, the fashion district of Athens, is recommended for luxury shopping because of its high-end boutiques. It is a posh meeting place offering plenty of choices for every hour of the day!
The most popular shopping centre in the heart of Athens is 'Attica'. However, the biggest shopping mall is about 30 minutes by metro, called 'The Mall of Athens'.

The Best Luxury Hotels in Athens

Most of the luxury hotels in the heart of Athens are historic landmarks, with unique interior design and stunning views to the Acropolis. However, if you are not into staying  in the centre of the city, a selection of high-end properties & Spa resorts can be found along the coastline of Athens, especially in the areas of Glyfada and Vouliagmeni.
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The Top Places in Athens for Luxury Travellers

E8WhaqyUcv.jpgAthens has a rich shopping scene with large shopping malls and designers' stores where you will find almost everything you are looking for ranging from clothes, shoes and accessories to books, music and electronics! Below you will find among others shopping malls, local markets, as well as some of the best places to have fun and taste delicious Greek and International dishes!

Most popular Sightseeing in Athens

tbcs-8NrN0.jpgBeeing especially known for its rich heritage and culture, it goes without saying that the center of Athens has numerous museums and sightseeing attractions to explore. Below you will find the most popular to visit if you are into sightseeing mood! 

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