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Athens Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Athens for Gay Travellers

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Gay Holidays in vibrant Athens, Greece

The gay life of Athens is intense and mainly concentrated in the heart of the city! The capital of Greece, has the biggest LGBT community in the country and is the second best Greek destination, after Mykonos, to visit if you want an organized gay nightlife! Especially in the center of Athens, you will find gay bars and clubs, high-quality hotels, and a rich variety of restaurants, lounge bars, as well as several entertainment and shopping options.

Gay Travel Tips

There are several gay beaches nearby Athens, the most popular of which is limanakia. These beaches are filled with gay people and cruising is pretty popular, so you should note that before visiting.
Athens Gay Pride festival is one of the most popular gay events throughout the year attracting people from all over the country. It usually takes place every June but the exact date is not specific. 
The gay clubbing scene of Athens is pretty developed featuring several gay clubs scattered through the city, though the majority of them are concentrated in Gazi area. Popular gay clubs in Athens are Sodade2, Apartment, Shamone, Moe, Fou Club and S-Cape.
The gay bars and clubs of Athens are not the typical ones you might find in other European cities. They are usually packed with people on Friday-Saturday and flirting is something quite common, but things don’t get cruisy. The majority of them have an entrance fee.
In Gazi, you will find a wide range of gay bars, clubs, cafes, saunas and other gay venues while in St. Irene you will find a couple of hot gay venues like Rooster or Flex Sauna.
The two major areas of Athens that attract the majority of the local gay community and visitors are Gazi Area and St. Irene’s Square.

The Best Hotels in Athens for Gay Travellers

Even though there is not any exclusively gay hotel in Athens, there are many boutique hotels that welcome gay travellers from all over the world. Below you will find the best hotels for gay travellers in Athens, located close to popular gay areas and hotspots!
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The Top Places in Athens for Gay Travellers


Athens has a rich gay life consisting of several gay venues including bars and clubs. Below you will find the best places to visit during your gay holidays in Athens, Greece!

Most popular Sightseeing in Athens


Apart from gay nightlife, the center of Athens boasts for its tourist attractions! Below you will find what you should not miss if you are into sightseeing mood!

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