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Zakynthos Gay Guide

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Gay Zakynthos Travel Guide 2018 | A Paradise for Every Gay Nudist!

Gay Zakynthos is not about clubbing, Gay Zakynthos is about exploring, relaxing and, of course, swimming. Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, especially known for its great beaches, and picturesque villages. The gay acceptance on the island is at very high levels, and a great percent of its annual visitors is gay.

There is not a local gay community, actually, the population of Zakynthos is very little, just in any other Greek island, with some exceptions. The best period to visit Zante is during summer since we are talking about a Mediterranean island, with its main attraction being its beaches. Zakynthos is packed every summer with Greeks, however, many foreign travelers include Zakynthos in their Greek Mediterranean holidays as well.

There is not an organized gay scene in Zakynthos, however, it's pretty well hidden and only available during the summer months. Hotlips Karaoke Showbar Zante is the first gay bar in Zakynthos, attracting many of the island's gay visitors. Nevertheless, almost all the gay bars and clubs of Zakynthos are gay-friendly, so you will meet fellow gay men even in the most unexpected places.

The beaches of Zakynthos are among the main reasons to visit it. There are countless beaches around the island, most of which featuring golden sand and crystal-clear waters. There is also a gay nudist beach, called Vrontonero Beach, that is particularly beloved by gay travelers. The other nudist beaches of Zakynthos attract many gay travelers as well!

Zakynthos Gay-Friendly Hotels & Resorts for 2018!

Zakynthos does not feature any gay-only hotels, however, it attracts many gay travelers, so it could not but be the home to several gay-friendly hotels and beach resorts!

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The Top Places in Zakynthos for Gay Travellers

Zakynthos might not feature many gay bars, however, there are a couple of gay hotspots around the island, including a cozy gay bar and a nice gay beach that you should not miss. Moreover, the majority of the bars and beach bars of Zakynthos are gay-friendly, so you will find other gay men even in the most unexpected places!