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Nha Trang Wellness Guide

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Nha Trang - unwinding by the beach!

Nha Trang, the best destination in Vietnam for beach vacations, enchants local and international travellers from all over the world with its diverse underwater environment, lush rainforests, ancient natural landmarks, and mud-bath sites.

The resort town of Nha Trang is a heaven for every wellness lover offering a wide range of resorts and spas, and several activities to do in the sea and nature. While its rich and healthy food tradition based on the freshest seafood and fish boosts significantly your wellness experience in Nha Trang. 

This resort town is especially known for its long 6-km coastline and its beachfront road dotted with many wellness resorts offering direct access to the beach and tranquil sanctuaries to unwind, local seafood eateries and international restaurants, and a plethora of tourist facilities, water-sport and diving centers to immerse in the region’s underwater beauty. 

In this Nha Trang Spa Guide, you will find the best spa hotels and wellness resorts in Nha Trang, best spa therapies to achieve total relaxation, and exciting activities to boost your wellness vacations in Nha Trang even more.

The best Spa Hotels in Nha Trang & Wellness Resorts by the Beach

The alluring coastline of Nha Trang is home to marvellous 5-star resorts and spas highlighted be direct access to sandy beaches. 

The spa resorts in Nha Trang awaken your senses with ancient healing treatments and contemporary spa sessions practised by professional and qualified therapists. While some of the resorts offer also Yoga sessions and recreational activities to do in nature that will enhance your wellness experience in Nha Trang even more.

Besides beach resorts, private villas in Nha Trang are also perfect accommodation options for those looking to escape in a more seclude and tranquil setting surrounded by verdant landscapes. Ocean views, private pools, and cosy sunbeds guarantee you the most relaxing holidays in Vietnam.

See our collection with the most popular wellness resorts and spa hotels in Nha Trang, featuring spacious ocean view suites, infinity pools, and excellent dining options.

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Mud Baths and Popular Activities in Nha Trang

Mud Baths in Nha Trang

When it comes to spa in Nha Trang, Mud Baths are definitely a must do, and especially during a rainy day! A mud bath is said to remove dead skin and strengthen bones while soothes stress and pains. It usually lasts 20-45 minutes followed by a hot mineral shower, and 20-30 minutes steam and sauna. 

There are many spas in Nha Trang for mud baths, ranging from cheap options to deluxe. Thap Ba Hot Spring is the most popular among locals and at very affordable prices while Galina Hotel & Spa is known for offering the most luxurious version of mud baths in Nha Trang.

Best Activities to do in Nha Trang

Being a coastal town, Nha Trang could not but be also a popular destination to spend lazy days laying on white sandy beaches and indulge in exciting water-sport activities including jet-skiing, water skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, & windsurfingNha Trang Beach, the main beach of the town, is the most popular in the region offering excellent swimming conditions, crystal-blue waters, golden sand, and numerous activities.

Bicycle tours are also a popular activity to do in Nha Trang and one of the healthiest ways to explore its stunning coastline. There are several bicycle excursions arranged by local tour operators which are relatively cheap and include a free guide to the most popular attractions of the town.

For those you want to admire Nha Trang’s landscapes from the sea, you will find several tours organizing full-day cruises that aim to guide you through hidden beaches, fishing villages, and nearby tropical islands, while savouring the freshest seafood on the board.

Here, you will find the top places in Nha Trang to relax and unwind during your holidays in Vietnam!