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Food in Stockholm - much more than Swedish meatballs!

Food in Stockholm is much more than the world-famous Swedish meatballs. The Capital of Sweden has one of the most thriving food scenes in the Scandinavia that every foodie lover should experience at least once in his lifetime.

Surrounded by the Baltic Sea, Swedish cuisine is especially known for its fish and seafood dishes, however, there is a plethora of delicious traditional food to try in Stockholm known as husmanskost (house owner’s food).

What to eat in Stockholm

Lingonberry jam with a taste quite similar to cranberries is so popular that it could be referred to as the ketchup and mustard of Sweden. It is served with almost everything including meatballs and pancakes, as well as porridge and black pudding.

Knäckebröd, a staple food of crispbread and crackers made from rye flour. 

Toast Skagen, a signature Swedish dish that you will find in every menu! It is usually served as an appetizer and consists of toasted white bread topped with fresh peeled shrimp, mayonnaise, dill, salt and pepper.

Swedish pancakes with lingonberries and butter, for those who adore sweet tastes! You can sample them on the go or in cosy cafes, and restaurants.

Kanelbulle, a yummy street food which is actually a cinnamon bun you will find in every bakery.

Vasterbotten cheese pie
, pairs excellent with any of the cold seafood dishes.

Filmjölk, else known as fil, is a Swedish fermented milk product often eaten with breakfast cereal, muesli or Knäckebröd on top.

Restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm boasts a wide diversity of restaurants for every budget and taste. Whether you are looking for tasting traditional Swedish cuisine, Asian fusion dishes, and international flavours, Stockholm got you covered! As for dining settings you can either choose to eat in a high-class restaurant serving gourmet cuisine, or you can try amazing Swedish meatballs and various delicious street foods from a local vendor!

Keep in mind that most of the restaurants in Stockholm close at 22:00, so you should plan your dinner early, while July and August are vacation months, with many restaurants staying closed during that period.

Stockholm Food Trucks 

Food trucks are also very popular in Stockholm known for offering delicious food at affordable prices. The best places to find them are on the island of Södermalm and specifically at Hornstulls market. 

Food Markets in Stockholm

Food markets are also prominent in the city of Stockholm, the most popular of which are: 

The Old Haymarket (Hötorgshallen) is the most vivid market in Stockholm built in the 1950s and offers a plethora of delicacies from all around the world.

Østermalm Food Hall, one of the favourite places of Jamie Oliver! It is a colourful market with many restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy among others the best of Swedish seafood and husmannskost.

The best hotels with restaurants in Stockholm

All around the beautiful city of Stockholm you will find high-quality hotels with restaurants to dine with comfort, or even arrange a special dinner at the privacy of your room. 

Luckily, Stockholm is the perfect destination for food lovers who are keen to enjoy their favourite international dishes or try something new. Most of the restaurant hotels in Stockholm serve healthy and sumptuous breakfast buffets with various local delicacies and traditional recipes, international and Swedish lunches and dinners, as well as excellent cocktails.

Find below the best hotels with outstanding restaurants in Stockholm, ideal for food travellers!

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The best restaurants, cafes & bars in Stockholm

The recent years, Stockholm has become a truly diverse city, in terms of culture and gastronomy. The city center is lined with a wide variety of cafes, bars, and restaurants specializing in traditional Swedish, Indian, Italian, Thai and Turkish cuisine, with most of them offering a main dish, salad, bread and coffee.  

For cocktail lovers, Stockholm is the place to visit as most of the bartenders are high-skilled while alcoholic drinks are served everywhere in the city. 

We have collected some of the best places to eat and drink around the city of Stockholm and present them to you!